My son drawing farts

We Will Tell Them They Are Clouds, But We Will Know They Are Farts

Just so you don’t think I only post stories to give you guy money, here’s an update on our bathroom redo.

We hired a princess to help.

Daughter drilling
Princess N drilling away an ugly towel rack
Daughter Princess drilling
Many Faces Of N
The many faces of my daughter (which has nothing to do with the post but I loved).

And I picked out samples of two possible background colors.

Background wall color
Luminosity versus Coral Gold (luminosity is painted twice)

My kids helped me to incorporate the gorgeous accent color.

My son drawing
What are those? Butts and farts.
My son drawing farts
The butts just kept farting.
My daughter painting
OMG! Girl butts fart, too!

When I explained that while I loved it, farts may be more appropriate in their bathroom than the downstairs one used by our guests, my 4-year-old shrugged and said: You can tell them they’re upside mountains.

My 7-year-old added: WITH CLOUDS!

Now, I need someone to cross-stitch me the sign:

Enjoy the View
Enjoy the majestic mountains and puffy clouds of my bathroom. Just don’t sniff.

PS. I’m leaning towards long stripes in the accent color to highlight the height of the room. My husband hates this idea mostly because it is so much work. BUTTS IT IS!

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