Leggings as pants

Leggings As Pants: Flicking Off The World With My Comfort

I remember the first time I saw it. I grimaced and turned away attempting to manage my light-headedness and confusion. I was going into shock! Shock that anyone would wear leggings as pants. I see your Ugh, I mean Ugg, boots, your black leggings and YOUR BUTT! WHY AM I SEEING YOUR BUTT? WTH IS GOING ON!?!

I recovered by scoffing. Dismissing mixed with vague attempts to understand. I said: They’re  teenyboppers. I wore Hypercolor shirts and hiking boots with long floral dresses at their age. Hormones are confusing their sensibilities  just like mine lit up neon colors on my shirts.

For years, I kept to my age in tunics,  sweater dresses, and condescending attitudes. I mocked jeggings and swore on Fashion Week that, if the bottoms didn’t have buttons and pockets, I would treat them like tights. Except the more people who joined this rallying cry, the more leggings were worn as pants. And even I couldn’t help but inch towards long, loose shirts and big sweaters with my leggings. I didn’t show my butt, but my jeans and trousers should’ve sufficed.

One day, I stood in my bedroom craving something. Something jeans and buttons and pockets could not provide. I held on to the shirt I wanted to wear and reached into my drawer to pull out black leggings. No fake pockets. No buttons. No going back. I looked in the mirror and thought: I won’t see too many people today, and damn, I feel so… comfortable.

The freedom to wear whatever shirt I felt like wearing and the added comfort of leggings? It was glorious. And addictive. I had a new understanding of those teenyboppers. Maybe it wasn’t style or butts or the desire to worry about camel toe all day. Perhaps they knew and what I now know: the joy of eating and sitting and moving without adjusting my waistline, pulling up my pants, or minding my underwear.

I am a believer, and my only comfort is to say to myself: At least I’m not a believer. And while the mocking of leggings as pants swirls around me, I hold my head — and shirt — up high.

Leggings as pants
Whenever I wear leggings as pants, I feel like I’m flicking off the world with my comfort.

I’ll even break out the Uggs without irony. I’m a rebel. A rebel who’s quite comfortable to my own pants.

Alex Iwashyna

Alex Iwashyna went from a B.A. in philosophy to an M.D. to a SAHM, poet and writer by 30. She spends most of her writing time on LateEnough.com, a humor blog (except when it's serious) about her husband fighting zombies, awkward attempts at friendship, and dancing like everyone is watching. She also has a soft spot for culture, politics, and rude Southern people who offend her Yankee sensibilities. She parents 2 elementary-aged children, 1 foster baby, 3 cats, and 1 puppy, who are all Southern but not rude. Yet.

11 thoughts to “Leggings As Pants: Flicking Off The World With My Comfort”

  1. Once upon a time, I went to an Oscar party on Sunday in Ugg boots and leggings as pants.

    I was the only one there comfortable enough to sit on the floor and eat three servings of appetizers.

    The end.

  2. I can’t wear them as pants because of my job. But I do wear them as pants on the weekends, but with a LONG shirt or tunic because nobody…NOBODY…wants to see me wear them as pants otherwise. Let’s just trust me on this one.

  3. And you look fabulous. I say if it’s comfortable and you’re not exposing yourself in some way that will put you on People of Wal-Mart, then wear those bad boys.

  4. You look awesome. I would never have known those were leggings (I’m not the most fashion conscience person on the block, though). I recently started wearing yoga pants as, well, pants. Super comfy. Go with it!

  5. Leggings are MEANT to be worn like stockings, because they are just another, more informal, version of stockings. They’re meant to cover your LEGS while you wear something OVER them, like a dress or a skirt, or even a long sweater. They are not meant for you to delude yourself with the notion that you’re dressed to be in public, when in actuality, you’re parading around flashing everyone.

    You are all being trashy idiots. All of you are obviously too stupid to bother looking up what a clothing item IS before parading around in, essentially, your UNDERWEAR for all to see. You are all (stupidly) saying “as long as you’re not exposing yourself” while, quite ironically, not bothering to realize that YOU ARE EXPOSING YOURSELVES.

    If you want to be a trashy idiot, why not just go out with just your underwear as shorts? It is the same thing as wearing leggings as pants. The SAME EXACT THING. Ask anyone with class.

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