Kristoff and Elsa at Cinderella's castle

We Went To Disney And All I Did Was Design This Stupid T-shirt (And Share Some Photos)

Disney World was pure magic. No fighting. No long lines. No stress. Just kids (and adults) encouraged to embrace their imagination.

We came home with over thousand photos and were background in a thousand more so I was immediately inspired to create this T-shirt for our next Disney trip:

I'm In Your Picture Tshirt
“I’m in your picture” T-shirt for busy places by LateEnough

Speaking of inspired, my post on our homemade Kristoff and Elsa costumes has had so many requests to see the costumes out and about that I’m starting off my back-from-Disney post with our lunch at Cinderella’s castle. But I’ll be moving right into fighting Darth Vader because that’s how we rolled.

The entire lunch was lovely, but some of my favorite photos are my daughter walking up the stairs in Cinderella’s castle.

Steps to Cinderella's castle
Off to the party
Steps to Cinderella's castle
Don’t lose your shoe!
Handmade Elsa cape on steps
This is our last view of the cape because she took it right off when we got to lunch, but she added back her gloves at one point so at least everything got a turn.

I had to let go of the idea that my daughter would wear every part of her outfit the entire time, but I had had lots of practice because I let her help design it. For example, I would have taken out the crinoline so her dress hung more like Elsa’s dress and she said no. My exacting-self (that’s a nicer way to say “anal”) kept being reminded by my parenting-self: The costume is for her, not me. (WHAT?) It turned out the cape was difficult to maneuver around Disney World anyways, and I would’ve made it shorter if I had to redo it (but I’m proud of myself for deciding to make it removable).

My son’s Kristoff costume is a bit smarter because we just did the tunic and belt. It was too hot in Florida for the pants we brought, and we didn’t bother with creating Kristoff’s boots so E happily left it on while we ate at the castle.

My kids met many princesses and received wand and sword keepsakes, which were immediately incorporated into their costumes.

Kristoff and Elsa at Cinderella's castle
I bestow a wish onto you.
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) was the nicest of the princesses.
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) was the nicest of the princesses and spent the most time with my kids everywhere we saw her.
Ariel (the Little Mermaid) was very nice and I have no idea why N is making that face.
Ariel (the Little Mermaid) was funny, but I have no idea why N is making that face.

We were the only ones in homemade costumes at the castle that day, but the compliments were nice after all our sewing and glittering work. Plus, every Frozen costumes was sold out at Disney World while we were there (and as I’ve mentioned before, there is no Kristoff costume) so yay for making and enjoying them.

Our other favorite “dress up activity” was becoming a Jedi knight at Hollywood Studios, which surprisingly was my kids favorite park. Disney World provided the robes and light sabers and Stormtroopers, and our kids provided the awesomeness. (We also made our own light sabers on Tatooine earlier that day, which was fantastic, and since coming home, our kids have battled each other, neighbors, and parents. Yay?)

4 year old Jedi knight
My daughter practicing her light saber skills and possibly calling in the Thundercats
My son versus Darth Vader
Fighting Darth Vader!
Glowering Jedi
When Darth Vader brought up coming to the dark side, my son would have none of it.
My daughter fighting Darth Vader
Saving her Jedi Master from Darth Vader’s light saber.

Afterwards, my daughter asked to go back on Star Tours so she could use the Force against Darth Vader again, and we learned that Star Tours isn’t the same ride every time. N was a little disappointed, although it is still her favorite, and I was psyched to know a Disney secret.

I have so many more photos and magical memories, but I will spare you every moment I loved because even my sister is only halfway through the pictures. Let’s just say that I now understand why people go back every year. See you in 2015, Disney World!

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7 thoughts to “We Went To Disney And All I Did Was Design This Stupid T-shirt (And Share Some Photos)”

  1. What a great post! I can’t wait until we go. I still find it odd there is no Kristov costume. Perhaps you inspired them. I will have to take a look at making the costumes. I would love a Merida and some from Frozen as well. Super impressed with your crafting ability! Who would have thought!?! :o) Talents cease to amaze us. Can’t wait for the Robinson to fight Darth…and when do the parents get to have turn?

  2. Disney is seriously magical. Especially with kids. I adore your rendition of Elsa’s dress, btw, and spent way too much time on Amazon trying to find a blue dress to work as the base so I could do the same. 😀

  3. Nice obsession. Your designs are pretty much cool and I can say that the kids really enjoyed a lot. Time is the most valuable thing that you can have and treasure with your family. Isn’t it?

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