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More Popular Than 2014 Rocking My Socks Off

January has been pretty amazing, and I’m not afraid to say that because I don’t believe in jinxes. Also, the month ended.

My son ran a race and did well; so well that we didn’t believe it was our son when E rounded the corner a block away from the finish line.

Running Boy
Someone else took this photo because I was too busy screaming OMG THAT’S HIM.

It snowed more than once in Richmond!

Snow in the dark
We first went out in the cold, dark morning because we didn’t realize it would snow again.
And again
N in snow
and again
and enough for SLEDDING!
Happy Snow Dog Frolic
And frolicking!

My sister’s bridesmaids and I (maid of honor, yo!) threw her a fabulous bridal shower in Columbia, South Carolina. (Go Tigers! — That’s for you, B.)

Katie and me bridal shower
I need to work on my camera angles, or I need an exorcism.

I saw the Vince Lombardo Super Bowl trophy while hanging out at NFL headquarters and got the greatest selfie ever.

Me in the Vince Lombardi trophy
Do you see me reflecting back? SWEET FOOTBALL JESUS.

My daughter will not stop breaking out her hilarious adorableness right and left.

dress up and slings
Baby-wearing stufties.
Princess Mustache
Why hello Princess Mustache. I mustache you a question.

Scott and I saw the Pixies in concert. Again.

Alex and Scott Pixies
Concert on a Wednesday night? Don’t mind if I do (until Thursday morning).
Pixies Concert Richmond
Where is my mind?

And that’s the only parts where I remembered to take pictures. Way to start 2014!

When I’m not appreciating my life, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

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