Kristoff Costume Done

Handmade Frozen Costumes Because Kristoff Rocked

Even though I loved Frozen, I have a complaint: Disney only made Elsa and Anna dress up costumes. Um, my son liked Frozen, too, especially Kristoff. While planning for our Cinderella’s castle lunch at Disney World, I wasn’t going to make him into a random prince or pirate just because I couldn’t buy Kristoff’s furry tunic in the stores.

Kristoff materials
The materials
Kristoff costume
The first fitting.
Kristoff costume 2
Don’t pin me, Dad.
Kristoff costume with fur
The fur! (we couldn’t find gray but we decided black was good enough)
Kristoff Costume Done
We finished, but I forgot to get a photo of my son in it. Maybe later? (It’s later! Here’s a link to with photos of him in the Kristoff outfit.)


Here’s what we were going for with our costumes:

The Cast of Frozen

And once we began Kristoff, I figured that I might as well make Elsa’s costume. I also got very paranoid that they would be sold out at Disney. I let my daughter have a lot of say in hers, which meant letting go {insert music} of the dress being a replica and more like being a work of art.

Elsa Costume Materials
I started with a crappy white cape, a flower girl dress, giant snowflakes, and the most important part: GLITTER!
Elsa costume
The first try on after spraying and glueing glitter on the cape.
Elsa costume 2
Adding glittery snow and ice to the dress.
Elsa costume 3
Adding snowflakes to the cape and worrying that it will look really weird.
Elsa costume 4
Still worried but deciding that more snowflakes are better. Also added more glitter because I can.
Elsa costume 4
Elsa’s cape of snow and ice!
Elsa costume 5
My daughter removing all my fears by loving it.
Elsa costume 6
I also bought opera length, fingerless gloves to mimic Elsa’s and added a snowflake. I decided not to glitter them. (yet?)
Elsa costume 7
I decided the only way to finish the top of the dress was more SNOWFLAKES.

UPDATE: Here’s a post with photos of my son and daughter in their costumes at Disney World with some commentary on what I got right and wrong and so you can see them out and about in them: We Went To Disney And All I Did Was Design This Stupid T-shirt (And Share Some Photos)


In celebration of almost finishing our homemade Frozen costumes, I’m giving away my backup Elsa costume from Target. It’s cute although, if your kid is sensitive to materials, the sleeves feel rough like crinoline. You could buy long fingerless gloves, which Elsa wears with this gown in the movie, to keep their arms from itching. Or you could not enter to win the dress.

Elsa Target Dress
Target’s Elsa Dress

Please leave a comment saying you want the dress, and I’ll use to choose the winner after the giveaway ends on 2/14/14 at noon EST.

Otherwise, just leave a comment saying ooh! ah! because handmade costumes are a lot of work. (Or check out more photos of my kids in their costumes here.)

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27 thoughts to “Handmade Frozen Costumes Because Kristoff Rocked”

  1. Kristoff’s costume is awesome, nice work! I’m trying to use the bribe of Anna and Elsa costumes to encourage thumb-sucking to stop, but I can’t resist trying to win this one! And also, now Let it Go is stuck in my head. Again.

  2. Two things…
    1. OHMYGOODNESS! Is there anything Team I can’t do?! Holy cow!
    2. Why the heck don’t they have a Kristoff
    3. (I lied ok?) I WANT THE DRESS! This is the first movie we are exposing actual Disney princesses to Lucy. LOVE IT!

  3. I was actually looking at your post because my daughter wanted an Elsa costume, and we could only find Anna. I was looking for inspiration to make one. But entering your giveaway is a lot easier! I love what you did for your kids’ costumes. Better than anything you could find in a store!

  4. Great job on the kristoff costume. I just learned lat night that I will be joining my wife in the Disney princess half marathon. She is making her own Anna costume. Can you tell me what the names of the material you used and which store so I can try to make a kristoff costume to join her in the race? Thanks

    1. Awesome and thanks! My husband bought the black fur (it comes in a big chunk and is very messy once you cut it) and the gray material (it’s like a velour/microfiber feel) are from AC Moore ( He bought a woman’s red scarf for the belt and the red trim is a red fabric (not ribbon) also from AC Moore. We brought black pj pants for underneath but it was too hot in Florida so we didn’t even bother — my son just wore shorts underneath and it still looked great. I hope that helps.

        1. Yes! I actually have a post planned this week with them in the outfits at Cinderella’s castle. I’ll update this post with that link by the end of the week. I’d love to see what your costume looks like too! You can post it on my Facebook page or email me ([email protected])if you get a chance!

            1. I purchased both on amazon. The small snowflakes are actually stickers that I glued on with glitter glue. I couldn’t find hard (sewable) snowflakes anywhere! They lasted for about a month of wear and throwing on the floor before falling off, which is to be expected and I wasn’t too upset since I only had about a week to finish the dress. Plus, I had extras plus glitter underneath so it looks fine either way., Here the snowflakes link: (they are less than $6)
              The opera fingerless gloves link: ($11-12)

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