miley cyrus' life in emojis

Siri Speaks Emoji

Do you remember when I was struggling with emojis? What do they mean and why am I always inadequately expressing my feelings in text? Well, I don’t need to learn how to speak hip anymore. I discovered that Siri will read emojis to me because Apple is busy solving one Late Enough problem at a time.

(Can’t see the video? Click on Siri Speaks Emoji)

PS. I’m willing to be the last one to discover this phenomenon, but I refuse to Google it to be sure. At least my sister had no idea either.

PPS. Does this mean Siri is cooler than us?

PPPS. Remember when people told their life stories in emojis? My phone had a built-in storyteller. I can’t wait for Miley to re-text her life to me.

miley cyrus' life in emojis
I have no idea who created this, but my sister and I appreciate the effort.

Alex Iwashyna

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  1. You are so not late to the game because if you are them I am and I am not ok with that so is say we are discoverers or new tools new resources of emoji language translation. I discovered it just last week (can’t drive and hold a cell phone anymore in my state so I have a fancy smancy Bluetooth). I just about died in laughter driving one one day as Siri read a text from one of my emoji loving friends text. I told my right year old about it…she thinks it’s hysterical…sigh oh the emoji stories I get to hear!

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