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Merry Christmas And More

by Alex Iwashyna

in Holidays, Reading & Writing Elsewhere

May you have a very Merry Christmas if you celebrate, and if you’re visiting Santa, I hope you, too, remember to wear your leopard-print boots.

But don’t forget to take a moment to breathe.

Om Holidays

Happy Om Holidays to you!

Or find a way to hide out so you don’t accidentally ruin the day with a harsh word or look when it becomes too much holly and not enough jolly.

My Christmas Card

Because we can all laugh together when we find ourselves hiding in the same place, or at least say: Been there, brother.

Good luck. God bless. Stay sane. Stay loved. Enjoy.

If you need something else to read, you can check me out here:

Bad Gift-Giving Is Not Grandma’s Fault: On Richmondmom, I blame the toy stores instead (you’re welcome Nanny’s, Granny’s and Me-Ma’s of the world)

Words We Need To End When 2013 Ends: Also on Richmondmom, some words should be crushed by the Times Square ball so 2014 can start off without a fail. Seriously, leave “fail” behind.

Maybe We Shouldn’t Use Xmas But Not For The Reason You Think: On Progressive Christianity, I wonder why Christians use a Greek word for our savior in first place.

I also loved these pieces from around the web:

Reporter Follows Up on a Hard Story and Finds a Really Happy Ending: Two boys living in a tough, high crime Boston neighborhood who kept going with support from people who filled the cracks in their lives.

Laney Brown’s dying wishes fulfilled by 10,000 carolers and Taylor Swift: This made me cry for many reasons but mostly in seeing a family supported by their community for the heartbreaking reason of their child is dying of cancer.

 17 GIFs of the Most Painfully Awkward High Fives in Sports: Whenever I’ve done something awkward or uncomfortable, I watch these to feel better. Or at least to feel glad my moments aren’t televised.

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Redhotwritinghood December 23, 2013 1

I hope you have a wonderful Holiday!!
Redhotwritinghood recently posted..Thankful for You


Alex Iwashyna December 24, 2013 2

You, too, my friend!


Walt December 24, 2013 3

May I please steal that pic of N and E. Her face is priceless.

Merry Christmas to all.
Walt recently posted..A Christmas Truce


Alex Iwashyna December 24, 2013 4

I probably should go back and watermark it because the photo really is pretty perfect.
Merry Christmas to you, too!


Walt December 25, 2013 5

Done and done if you want it. I think you need to reenact this pic every year. Might need it for prom fodder.
Walt recently posted..A Christmas Truce


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