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Our First Non-Themed Costume Year Because I Love Halloween That Much

This was the first year that we couldn’t do a group costume because my son wanted to be a ninja and my daughter wanted to be a black puppy just like Lars and I could not bring those two together once my daughter refused to carry a sword.  I love Halloween too much to force my kids to wear and dress up as anything they don’t want to be. (Although I did struggle with fussing at my daughter and the hot weather over not wearing the paws I made her.)

With my daughter as a black Lab puppy and my son as a stealth ninja, Scott decided to be a minion, and I was his banana. My family swears minions love bananas, but I don’t remember that at all in the Despicable Me movies. Maybe they just wanted to have a banana mama? I just went with it.

Puppy Costume
We had multiple derivatives of this costume until finally she settled on this version. Yay!
Ninja Costume
My son just wanted the costume in the package with some of the fancy parts cut off. Simple, stealthy ninja.
Banana and minion costume
Our minion with his banana (and puppy)
Minion Costume
Close up of Scott’s minion costume from earlier that day.
Banana and ninja costume
Banana meets ninja. They get along well.
Kids in costume
The kids about to go out trick or treating.

Towards the end of the night, my daughter decided she’d rather give out candy than trick or treat so a banana and a puppy sat in the middle of a spooky house and yelled GET CANDY HERE when she wasn’t eating hers.

We aren’t ever around to give out candy so this is the first year I got to feel a bit guilty that some of the kids found our house too scary to visit while their siblings and friends bounded up the lawn — not guilty enough to turn off the fog machine and moaning ghost though — bwahahahaha!

Happy Halloween! My kids were working on their Christmas lists this morning.

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  • I also realized in 2011 we didn’t do a family theme costume either because my kids changed their minds last-minute, but they still went as a theme: Star Wars. Scott and I were super lame that year and didn’t even wear costumes. I’m embarrassed for us.

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  1. I Love stories where children refuse to pick up swords. I propose you did have a theme. A cartoon. “Top Banana and her minions vs. The Ninja and his loyal dog Lars”.

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