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Planet Spooky: Is Your Mama A Llama And More Kings Dominion Halloween Adventures

by Alex Iwashyna

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This post is a review of Planet Spooky at Kings Dominion, which hosted my family for its opening day.

Last weekend, we went to Planet Spooky at Kings Dominion, which is their kid friendly Halloween extravaganza. They had some of the same treasure hunts as last year, like pick out and coloring a pumpkin or the foam pit, but they also added things like a petting zoo and tractor derby. Plus, the treats were better and more of the staff and park was decked out for the event, which made the experience even better this year.

Planet Spooky activities

The treasure map to Planet Spooky activities.

Planet Spooky mama Llama

First up? Is your mama a llama? Yes, yes she is.

Planet Spooky kissy llama

Don’t kiss me llama.

Planet Spooky Baby Pig

There’s nothing spooky about this BABY PIG! Just BABY PIG BABY PIG BABY PIG

Planet Spooky spider

After that, we needed a little creepy. Well, if they had seen me make my llama face maybe they wouldn’t have needed the spider so much.

Planet Spooky Staff

Staff greeting us to color our pumpkins. Okay they’re posing for the weird blogger after greeting us.

The foam pit is still here. If your kid doesn't like getting wet, skip it. My kids are obsessed with bubbles so tried to get bubbles without getting wet. Sneaky.

The foam pit is still here. If your kid doesn’t like getting wet, skip it. My kids are obsessed with bubbles so they mostly tried to get bubbles without getting wet. I won’t tell you how they succeeded because we had to quickly tell them to stop.

Planet Spooky Awesome Staff Costume

I adored her costume. I obviously wasn’t the only one. Kids are encouraged to dress up, too because there’s a 4:45 p.m. costume parade and 5 p.m. party with Peanuts Characters.

Planet Spooky All-Stars

An all-star singalong. We sang along through bites of ice cream.

Planet Spooky ride

Part of Joe Cool’s Driving School is a tractor derby during Planet Spooky. They didn’t let me stop and ask Lucy for any advice though.

Also, if you haven’t been to Kings Dominion all the summer, most of the kids’ area has been redone to be a much fancier Planet Snoopy with new rides and just a great atmosphere. We had a blast spinning, looping, and flying since the Planet Spooky activities are mixed throughout it.

Planet Snoopy ride 6

Superheroes fly away!

Planet Snoopy ride 2

Those devious looks are because they are about to start spinning the hot air balloon until Scott almost passes out.

Planet Snoopy ride 3

My daughter is all: No YOU’RE the Red Baron.

Planet Snoopy ride 4

AHHHHHH!!! (I’m either teaching N that when you’re scared screaming helps, or I’m doing my Fireman Bill impression.)

Planet Snoopy ride 5

These guys are not scared at all.

Planet Snoopy ride

Although even Snoopy looks concerned about this ride.

Before we left the park, we trick or treated with the dinosaurs of Dinosaurs Alive!, which for some reason made me laugh and laugh and laugh. They gave out candy and non-candy options, and even the adults got candy so I didn’t have to steal anything from my kids when they went to sleep that night.

Dinosaurs Alive Trick or Treat

With their current record, the Redskins probably feel extinct.

Dinosaurs Alive Halloween 4


Dinosaurs Alive Halloween 2

I’m sending this to the next person who tells me they’re an OLD SCHOOL BLOGGER.

Dinosaurs Alive Halloween

Dentist Dinos. That’s totally floss.

Dinosaurs Alive Halloween 1

Bozo the Dino

We stayed longer than we meant to and definitely slept well after that Halloween extravaganza.

If you’re in the Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, North Carolina area, you can check out Planet Spooky. It runs every Saturday and Sunday from September 28 through October 27 from 12-5 p.m. and are included with park admission (but only for kids under 54 inches). You can also trick or treat with the dinosaurs for an additional $5 per person with park admission. Park admission prices vary depending on the package but are currently discounted.

Disclaimer: I was asked to review my family’s experience at Kings Dominion’s Planet Spooky in exchange for free admission to the park and to Dinosaurs Alive. I was not told what to say although we do love Kings Dominion so I’m probably a safe bet for them.

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That place looks so cool!


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