Facebook Says Obama Is Similar

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Facebook is always telling me what to like, who to follow and what to buy, but I’ve always let it go because they once told me I was totally fashionable when I accidentally wore my dressed unzipped. And then this popped up in my feed last week:

Facebook Says Obama Is Similar

But before I could be completely baffled, I turned to the king of algorithms to find out the truth about who Obama is similar to — I google it. As it turns out, Obama is just like George Bush, Brad Pitt, and people who don’t understand how the English language works.

Obama is similar on Google

Maybe it’s just a mysterious SEO thing I’ll never understand since I’m not similar to anyone on my iPod or in the movies. Or even anything at all…

alex iwashyna is similar Google

At least, I’ve finally proven what a unique snowflake I am.

When I’m not baffled by algorithms others claim to understand, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

Favorite Posts I Didn’t Read, I Mean, Write:

  • Suckers Apparel: Not only do they have Super Suckers like a Wonder Woman dress and Black Widow leggings (and I’m not talking Halloween), they also have a David Bowie apparel line. Awesome. (Fancy, nerdy fashion. h/t The Mary Sue)
  • This Tiny Town Is Trying To Stop Neo-Nazis From Taking Over: From NPR, white supremacist has purchased multiple lots in Leith, N.D. and invited fellow white supremacists to move there and make this tiny town into a white enclave. WHAT? (Seriously WHAT?)
  • Parenting….you’re doing it right.: From 9gag, just keep scrolling because you are bound to find at least five that make you laugh. (LOLz — wait is the z supposed to be tiny?)

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