Scott with sandwiches

Our 11-Year-Date-i-versary

September 11 is also Scott’s and my date-i-versary. About a week beforehand, I asked if he wanted to grab lunch to commemorate 11 years together. Of course, back in 2002, I hadn’t known we were on a date, but since I left that picnic dinner with a crush on him, it all worked out.

When September 11, 2013 rolled around, I thought he had forgotten about our lunch plans because he was so nonchalant about it. When I showed up at his office at the allotted time, I found his empty office except for three small paper bags with writing on them. Scott walked in behind me and said: As I remember it, we went to Beaver Creek Lake near Charlottesville with sandwiches from The Bellair Market for our first date. We don’t have time to go to Charlottesville so I printed out the menu and made the three sandwiches I thought you probably ordered.


Now these weren’t just any sandwiches. These were gourmet sandwiches of deliciousness so in between patients, Scott created a sandwich-making area on his desk and cut up avocado and roasted red peppers and Havarti cheese and all sorts of crazy ingredients. He bagged them just like they do there, and we brought our sandwiches, chips , pickles (they always give pickles at Bellair Market) and drinks to the local park by his office and sat and ate and reminisced about the last 11 years.

Scott with sandwiches
Scott with his creations.
This is a terrible photo of me but it’s a good one of Scott, and since he is so awesome, I will put it in this post. HAPPY DATE-I-VERSARY!
Scott eating sandwich
Less talking more eating.
Alex eating sandwich
Seriously, enough with the reminiscing. I have three types of cheese to get through.

Sitting there in the sunshine next to my husband, I remembered that day on the grass at Beaver Creek Lake with my sandwich and my heart slowly breaking open to this boy who called me out of the blue on September 11, 2002. I’m so grateful in the midst of medical school and my determination to not date, I agreed to go.

I love you, Scott.

PS. So many people commented on the sandwiches: Bellair Market doesn’t have its own website but click here for the menu, which lists the ingredients. And use good (giant) bread.

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  1. And that is how you do anniversaries.
    Don’t even get me started on how our 10 year wedding anniversary tomorrow has turned into a fucking BBQ…probably in my PJs…can I borrow your man?

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