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My Problems Aren’t Hip And I’m Jelly

My sister and I are 5 and a half years (six school grades) apart, which makes her infinitely cooler than me. She introduced me to terms like “jelly” for “jealous,” and how to pronounce “LOL” correctly (it’s not “el-oh-el” but “lowl”).

But it’s not her knowledge base that is impressive. Her superpower is that she can pull off USING jelly in a sentence and no one twitches. In fact, everyone wants to try because she makes it sound good. So good that no one bothers asking me if my sister has visited recently because they can tell by listening to short, ridiculous conversations between Scott and I.

Me: TMI but YOLO, SO
Scott: Don’t be jelly.

Eventually, we sigh and give up and everyone thanks us, and Katie goes on being her not-even-trying-to-be-cool self who has probably never used YOLO because she knew not to the minute it appeared in our vernacular.

Obviously, whenever I have hip problems, I come to her for help.

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So I use the term “hip” loosely, but now I know that I’ve kissed without love, been skeptical when I meant to be embarrassed, and fake smiled when I was really LOLing. So soz! (That means so sorry. I googled it because I haven’t seen Katie in over a month.)

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  1. And now I feel safe admitting that I’ve definitely spent time trying to figure out which emoticon was “JUST RIGHT” only to be “COMPLETELY WRONG”.

    Which face says “I’m too old for this?”

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