Cat Fairies And Dog Cats And A $25 PetSmart Gift Card For You

Remember when I posted about how you know if you have too many cats? I jokingly remarked in the comments that I should’ve had PetSmart sponsor it because you guys were so into the cat litter genie. As it turns out, you can also tell if you have a lot of animals when companies like PetSmart are willing to let you dress them up in their silly costumes and give away $25 gift cards to your readers.

A Cat Tutu
Is this for me?

While we always go all out for Halloween, I have never dressed up my animals for Halloween and kind of loved it (although know your cat’s temperament – I would never dress up Loki). And if you have a cat with a large belly, rub it for me and stick to the hat and collar costumes. The fairy’s tutu above did not fit all our furry babies.

Cat Fairy Costume
Finally! Our very own cat fairy. This is the one and only time we can squee.
Cat Fairy Costume 2
This is where she attempted to fly away.

You can find the cat fairy wings and tutu costume here.

A Cat Jester Costume
Why is everyone laughing at me? Oh, I’m a jester.

You can find the cat jester outfit here and a cat standing proudly in it. To each their own.

Cat Clown Costume
My other two cats were not in the mood.

You can find the cat clown costume here. If I ever get this on Juno, I’ll update the post.

And of course, we got a costume for Lars: A BLACK CAT COSTUME.

Cat Costume for Dog
My dog as a cat. HAHAHA.

Now he and his frenemy can be true twinsies! Of note, this costume runs small so I would assume that all the Martha Stewart pet costume do. We ordered the large, which is pictured, but had to exchange it for the x-large for future wearings.


Of course, I don’t want to leave you guys out of this awesomeness so I have a $25 PetSmart gift card to give away. You can buy your own hilarious Halloween costumes for your furry friends or purchase one of the many coveted items PetSmart carries.

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Mandatory Entry:

  • Leave a comment below with your all-time favorite Halloween costume (for 2- or 4-legged friends). Be sure to include a valid email address so I can contact you if you win the gift card!

Extra Entries:

This giveaway ends on September 27, 2013 at noon EST and is open to U.S. readers only. I will use to chose the winner and notify them by email. They have 48 hours to reply, or I will have to chose a new winner. Read official rules here.

Disclaimer: I was given the Halloween costumes for fun and the gift card to giveaway by PetSmart.

Alex Iwashyna

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31 thoughts to “Cat Fairies And Dog Cats And A $25 PetSmart Gift Card For You”

  1. My favorite line in this post is “My other two cats were not in the mood.”

    And my favorite costume was the Angry Bird we put on our yellow Lab last year. I mean seriously.

    She is the happiest, sweetest, tail-waggingest dog ever. And she was masquerading as angry.

    It was perfect.

  2. My favorite costume has to be the bat wings we made for my black Pomeranian, Sarah, last year. She was supposed to be a cute bat, but between the wind making her fur fly, and the pollen making her sneeze, she looks more like a scary, rabid vampire Pom! The scary pic is much better than the cute one!

  3. From PetSmart, I really like the Martha Steward Witch costume. That would look really adorable on my Pom if I could keep the hat on long enough to snap a pic!

  4. My black and tan dachshund dressed as buzz light year! Or my dapple dachshund with panty hose over his head. He robbed Three Dogs Bakery for sure!

  5. Oh I have to say…my favorite is the Pumpkin! The reason….about 2 years ago this time of year, my dog passed away unexpectedly. I was devistated. My sister and to run some errands and I ran along with her…she had to stop and get dog treats for her dog…and they happened to have an adoption days going on. I fell in love with a dog named Murphy…but didnt have the money to get him. I was so sad leaving him ….but had to wait two weeks to get paid and have the extra. Halloween was a few days later…the doorbell rang…I thought it was my first trick or treater…and to my surprise…it was Murphy in a pumpkin costume!!! My sister and son had arranged to get Murphy for me…it was the BEST halloween ever! We have been best buds every since!!!
    landfjacobson @

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