9-11 We Remember Soliders

9/11 As A Day Of Service

9-11 We Remember Soliders
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I like the idea of 9/11 being a day of service. Do something kind in the name of tragedy feels right — hopeful — especially with so much war and fear looming again. At 911Day.org, you can even dedicate the deed to a victim of 9/11 or to anyone you wish.

Here are nine ideas I had:

1. Donate to your favorite charity. (here are some of mine)

2. Leave the best parking spots for someone else. (maybe for the next 9-11 days?)

3. Bake cookies for your neighbors especially the ones you don’t know, or care to know, very well. (I hope I’m your neighbor! What? I like sugar cookies.)

4. Go to your local park, bring gloves, or those cool trash sticks, and pick up litter.

5. Call a local school and ask them what school supplies they need. (Then show up with some.)

6. Email/call a friend, who just had surgery/a baby/has a kid with special needs/is going through something, and ask when you can bring dinner. Not “if” but “when.”

7. Buy flowers or coffee or a little gift card for the receptionist at your doctor/dentist/pediatrician/subspecialists’ office. They get yelled at a lot for things they usually have no control over.

8. Buy the coffee/food for the person behind you in the drive-thru.

9. Bring a bag of pet food to your local animal shelter.

I know which ones we can’t do because we’ve already done/doing them for other reasons this month, but I’m still deciding for sure what will we dedicate to 9/11. What service do you do for 9/11? How do you remember the day?

Alex Iwashyna

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6 thoughts to “9/11 As A Day Of Service”

  1. First of all, I just wanted to say that my heart is with all of you.
    I think that this is a wonderful idea to honour those that perished, for the heroes who stepped in…for all of you.

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