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The Lazy Way To A Clean Room (In 2 Steps!)

by Alex Iwashyna

in Is It Just Me?, The House

Do you awaken from your exhausted haze when your butt hits the couch and finally notice that you’re surrounded by a giant mess? I do, too!

Lazy Cleaning

Supplies: Laptop (or a Book or Eyes)
Optional: Throw pillows

1) Reach for laptop computer. Place it on lap.

2) Angle screen and body until the only clean section of the room is visible. May need multiple pillows as props. Don’t give up. There is a clean spot that is just bigger than your computer screen somewhere. Possibly the ceiling.

Lazy Cleaning 2

I employed at least two pillows but not all rooms call for such drastic measures.

Are you still on the couch seeing only a clean house? Me, too! Success!

NOTE: You can do step 1 using a book or an iPhone if you squint. If all else fails, close your eyes.

Lazy Cleaning 3

Lazy cleaning for the win.

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Jackie August 19, 2013 1

Another sure fire method is to simply leave the house or have your kids do all the cleaning. Both seemed to work for me this weekend rather well!


KIm August 19, 2013 2

Bah! This is exactly how we take school pictures… find a cleanish spot. Only people who have actually visited no that we all posed in the bathroom :)


Sarah August 19, 2013 3

Face the window. Tell yourself it’s so you can find inspiration from nature while writing. Works for me every time!
Sarah recently posted..Powering Through


Nagzilla August 19, 2013 4

I love this post so much.


Lady Jennie August 19, 2013 5

Have you been at my house recently?
Lady Jennie recently posted..My Dog has a Blog


Amanda Jillian August 19, 2013 6

Bwahahaha love it!
Amanda Jillian recently posted..Five Things…. {Old School Blogging}


Walt August 19, 2013 7

MOVING TIP: Boxes that you have yet to empty and put away can eventually turn into stylish end tables and night stands.
Walt recently posted..Rosie Rides the Manhatten Express


Skye August 19, 2013 8

You are a cleaning genius. Also, your new house looks awesome!


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