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Insomnia Found Me Here So I’m Sending You There

by Alex Iwashyna

in Reading & Writing Elsewhere

Insomnia sucks.

So read me over on Richmondmom talking about how I’m not celebrating my kids going back to school nor am I mourning it. I’m too busy drooling over school supplies. Do you want to be in my cool group too: Moms Who Love School Supplies

Or read me on Progressive Christianity talking about Christian unity and how I felt pushed into calling myself a certain type of Christian and whether so much inclusively by progressives hurts Christians: Christian Unity

I don’t even have other cool places to send you. I’m so sorry. You could watch Heroes on Netflix with me. I’m still on season one. My special power is not sleep and still living life among people who do sleep.

Me Tired

Worst superpower ever. Well, I guess it’s good for everyone around me.

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