Me waving to tomorrow

I’m Back. Mostly.

Tuesday is my first day back in the saddle of normalcy. I have no idea how I’m doing because I’m writing this the night before while I’m still too tired to finish my seventh episode of Arrested Development Season four (the episodes get better as they go in case anyone gave up after episode one of the reboot).

Up until now, my biggest accomplishment post-op has been getting dressed and standing in my front yard for twenty minutes and get back into bed, which should easily translate into: shower, get dressed, feed cats, feed dog, play with dogs, get kids dressed, feed kids, feed self, walk farther than 30 feet multiple times, stay on top of work deadlines, driving, get kids from school, entertain kids, entertain dog, deal with any kid/pet/home/work/health crises, make dinner, return phone calls, manage stairs, clean house/ kids/self, repeat multiple times and in multiple ways, and finally get back into bed.

It’s not the pain anymore. I’m just so tired. The surgeon went back in after taking out my gallbladder just to make sure there wasn’t anything else odd going on in there with all my symptoms so I don’t know if it was the extra shake shake or what but I’m still exhausted. Y’all who were back at work in three days are amazing. My body is definitely not bouncing back as quickly, but every day I feel better so, while not convenient, I’m more concerned about my emotional willingness to say no and go  slow than my body needing extra time to heal.

Meanwhile, I had a great Memorial Day hair day that no one saw so I decide to take a photo, but for about ten seconds I wasn’t sure if my camera was blurry or my eyes were blurry. With these type of insights, tomorrow is sure to be successful!

Me waving to tomorrow
Perhaps I’m waving to tomorrow. Or trying to stop it from coming.

At least Scott didn’t go to work 12 hours after my surgery like we had originally planned. What? It was only going to be for a half-day and I thought I’d be sleeping. Maybe living at that level of thinking is why my body is still begging for rest.

Alex Iwashyna

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11 thoughts to “I’m Back. Mostly.”

  1. Well, my biggest accomplishment yesterday was getting dressed and standing in my front yard for twenty minutes yelling at a groundhog, but I think I put the fear of god into him, so it was totally worth it. Damn rodent.

    Anyway, take this time to heal and even when you start to feel a little better, maybe milk it just a little…how often do you get rest? Exactly. The world will just have to wait to be conquered, my friend.

  2. Someone told my boss that she’d be able to be back at work after three days too and it was total BS. She was gone for a solid week, plus the weekends on either side. Chill out and sleep as much as you can. That’s your body’s way of saying “I’m busy, leave me alone.”

    1. Well said! I once had a boss ask me if I really needed two days off after having the oral surgeon remove my wisdom teeth (of which I had extra, and one that had shattered). No, what I really needed was a week. That was not the direction he was thinking… But sometimes we just have to rest and heal!

  3. Get better soon. After my hernia surgery 3 years ago, I felt awful for 5 days, and then on Day 6, it was like, hey… maybe one day I will get back to normal. You look great.

  4. I have had surgeries. Three days is nothing. People who go back to work that soon are like those people who go to work with 102 fever and say, “I feel fine, really!” Clearly, not in tune. Been thinking about you…

  5. I agree with all your wise freaders…don’t rush it (even though you want to and feel like you have to). Get the minimum done and then rest a LOT. Like I said before, surgery ain’t no joke. Your body is doing it’s thing, but it needs you not to over do it (advice from the queen of over-do it, by the way).

  6. I think you’re giving me the high five because you’ve been inducted into the gallbladder-less club.
    One more organ removed and you get superstar status.
    It does get better. You weren’t well for a long time before they took the demon out so it’ll take a bit to get your strength back 🙂

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