Me and my old cat

Cats Like To Hide And Perch And Text

Purina One and Late Enough are teaming up to talk and learn more about the true nature of cats. I’m writing a four-part sponsored series on my experience with my cats. This is part four.

Whenever I buy my cats anything expensive, they are hate it. They’re frugal like that so I tend to stay away from fancy cat trees and perches.

Purina Headquarter Cat Perches
This were perches and hideaways for cats at Purina’s Headquarters. They didn’t comes in my box, which is good because mostly my kids would’ve climbed them while my cats watched.

But we do let our cats be cats in our home.

Cats like to be high up. Cats like to see without being seen. Cats like to be near windows. Cats like to spend time in low-traffic areas. Cats are nuts.

Cat in blanket fort
Juno hiding in a blanket fort. It was that kind of day although as it turns out, most days are supposed to be those kind of days for cats.
Cat belly by window
Huckle in window heaven.
Me and my old cat
My lap isn’t low traffic as often as Loki would like but he waits for me at night and then appears for love.
Cat with iPhone
This wasn’t mentioned in the True Nature of Cats journey but my cats like to text their friends, too. (My iPhone is up near a window.)
Doctor Cat
And play doctor. (Also, the stethoscope is on the top bunk.)

Basically, letting my cat hang out on the kitchen counters is not gross at all. It’s letting my cats be themselves!

Cat on the counter
Maybe not so much letting them eat ice cream or write checks for more tuna fish.

So don’t shoo them off everything. Give them spaces that are their own so they can be the crazy, creepy amazing animals they are born to be.

Cat behind me.

Expanding on this idea, I have found that letting cats have the right kind of space is even more important when you introduce cats and dogs into the same home or introduce new cats into the home. Cats need safe places where they can relax and still be a part of the family without worrying about the new guy.

For example, we have baby gates and kept Lars in the back of the house (the highest traffic area) for his first four months or so. It wasn’t just for his safety (keeping him from chewing things that would make him sick) or our safety (keeping him from peeing on things that would make us freak out) but also for our cats comfort and adjustment.

Dog behind baby gate
His doggy jail includes a big screen TV and us most of the time so don’t feel too sorry for him.

Our cats could get in and out to spend time with the dog as they were comfortable, but their food and litter space were away from the dog. However, they had areas in this space where they were high enough to relax around the dog (until the dog grew but now he goes into my areas so they have more perches too).

Cat in the kennel
Some took advantage of visitation rights more than others.

This allowed my cats and dog to become the best frenemies that they are.

And even as we have let the dog have most of the downstairs, my cats still have the upstairs. Our home goes: grownups, kids, cats, dogs, but don’t tell our cats because if they found out they weren’t charge, they’d pee on our beds.

PS. My True Nature of Cats posts on Late Enough are finished, but Purina One has added the True Nature journal online so yours can begin. Check out the Cat Journal and enjoy your fantastic felines.

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Disclaimer: My cats don’t care who sponsors posts on my blog, but I was given the material to take them on the True Nature of Cats journey.

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