Cat and me face meme

Cat Meme Myth Buster

There’s an Internet meme going around where people make their cats into part of their faces. Update: I learned this is called a cat beard.

Cat Beards
I can’t find the origin of this collage of the meme, but if you know, I’ll add the link.

With four cats of my own, I thought: FINALLY.

Except cats aren’t exactly known for the cooperation skills. My first attempt was with Huckle who thought nothing of murdering me for putting her on my lap so I moved on to Nugget the Normal.

Nugget is unsure why he's here.
Nugget is unsure why he’s here. TO BE PART OF MY FACE. OBVIOUSLY
Nugget realizes why he's here and decides he'd rather be elsewhere.
OMG how do I get my cat to look up at me?
Cat Meme
Cat Meme

I feel like I’m MythBusters for Memes because cats just don’t randomly look up at you when your face is near the back of their heads. Those people had to use the neck scruff to tilt their cats’ heads back. I took the third photo as a test of my theory since holding a cat’s neck scruff doesn’t technically hurt him, but I can’t imagine how long it would’ve taken to get everything to line up just right (mine took less than the three seconds of the camera timer because I wasn’t trying to make it work on my face).

I know much of the Internet and blogging is staged, but this meme sucks.

PS. I don’t recommend copying the meme but put your cat in front of a camera and try to get him to look up without your hands while in front of your face. You’ll see. Or prove me wrong and then I can spend the next week following Nugget around feeling guilty.

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  1. This officially freaks me out. Some of those are CREEPY! What is that Stephen King book made into a movie where they are really cats…sleepwalkers? Is that it?

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