Dog and Bear

My Puppy Fights A Bear

I had requests for more Lars pictures, but it was hard because HE WAS FIGHTING A BEAR.

Dog and Bear

At least, the family is safe from rogue stuffed wildlife.

He moved on to chasing his tail, which I can’t tell whether it’s normal or the consequence of four cat siblings. Either way, SO CUTE.

Click here for if you can’t see the Puppy Chasing Tail video

This post ended here last night, and I thought it was all in good fun and not PREPPING FOR BATTLE. But the above was actually boot camp.

My husband and puppy met the giant, trash-eating, enemy last night.

Scott: There was an OPOSSUM BEAR in our backyard.

What’s an Opossum Bear? An opossum that has clearly bred with a bear because how else would it have gotten SO HUGE it could not be scared away by a six-foot two-inch man and his war-ready giant black lab puppy.

Like this guy but so much bigger and not in our piano ever please. (Photo source: Wikimedia)

Since it was our backyard, Lars wasn’t on leash and headed right into battle. First, he attempted to chase Opossum Bear’s tail as he has almost caught his own once in that video. Opossum Bear was not impressed, and since he is part bear, he snarled rather than ran away.

Scott was faced with brokering a peace deal between a dog who thinks opossum bears might be great toys and opossum bears who don’t give a crap what Scott thinks. Since my skills of getting between stuffed bear and Lars one hundred times a day were not called upon, I can only assume Scott coaxed Lars away with lies about bacon and spending time with the dishwasher.

Lars and the Dishwasher
He’s obsessed. If only that translated into me not having to stack or unstack the dishes.

PS. Perhaps the requests for pictures of Lars just meant this:

Black Lab

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6 thoughts to “My Puppy Fights A Bear”

  1. We were sitting on our deck swing the other night and an oppossum came right up to the edge of the deck, almost like it was gonna ask for directions, haha. It was funny bc we had heard a rustling in the bushes and were teasing each other about it. Too bad Lewis is an indoor kitty; although he isn’t much help for bugs as he’s more curious than fierce, so who knows how that would have played out.

  2. Lars is adorable and even though I have 3 dogs of my own, I can’t get enough of him! 🙂 Keep the pictures coming.
    We’ve had an opposum a few times. The first time was a few years ago. Hubby found a dead one in the yard, came in to get a garbage bag, went back and it was gone. I’m STILL laughing. ;-D More recently the dogs chased one up the 5′ fence on the inside of our backyard. Hubby went out to see the commotion and it was just laying on top of the fence. He took a board and swung it to hoist the opposum over into the neighbor’s yard. Now after all our flooding, the entire population in our area might have drowned!

  3. We had opossums in South Central L.A. (no lie). I enjoyed watching them from my office window, including the classic mama-with-babies-hanging-underneath. I did some research, and they are reportedly completely benign, i.e. they don’t bite except when extremely provoked — and would rather retreat than bite — and do not carry any diseases that harm humans (including rabies). Of course, the LA variety are not cross-bred with bears. Now that I am in Richmond, I may have to rethink my opossum stance…..

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