Nugget with feather

Nugget Steals A Shoe, Hordes Feathers, Makes Me Feel Guilty, And He’s My Normal Cat

Purina One and Late Enough are teaming up to talk and learn more about the true nature of cats. I’m writing a four-part sponsored series on my experience with my cats. This is part three.

Nugget is my most normal of cats. He is from a litter that was dubbed “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” when his mostly white mom and six brothers and sisters were picked up by Henrico Animal Control. But by the time we saw him, it was the week before Christmas and all his siblings and his mom had been adopted.

My son said as kitten-Nugget climbed all over the cage: I think he’s supposed to be a part of our family.

It’s hard to argue with that logic so on Christmas Eve eve we brought him home, and my daughter christened him Nugget Hamburger with the promise to never eat him.

He grew out of the dwarf phase quickly and settled into being Huckle’s BFF and hanging out in sinks.

Willpower Inspirational Poster

But his greatest quirk is his love of feathers. Whenever something is missing, I first ask: Does it have feather? Because you might think this video is about shoes, but really, he’s just a misunderstood feather-horder.

Click on cat steals shoe video if you can’t see it below.

Since my cat’s true nature is featherfeatherfeather, I knew we’d have no problem playing for days with Da Bird feather toy. I just didn’t know it would induce cat-mom-guilt. We played and played and played and played until I finally put the bird toy away on the highest perch (because we know what length he will go to get a feather shoe), and I got to listen to this:

Click on cat crying over feather video if you can’t see it below.

I didn’t know how bad cat mom guilt could get over a toy. At first I thought he was just taking notes from my kids, but I learned on this True Nature of Cat’s journey that I’m supposed to reward my cat by letting him “catch the prey” at the end of our play time. Score 1 for guilt.

Nugget with feather
All is right with the world again.

Disclaimer: I was given the materials to take my cats on the true nature four-week journey. However, my experiences are based on my cats and those guys will not be told what to do even for feathers.

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7 thoughts to “Nugget Steals A Shoe, Hordes Feathers, Makes Me Feel Guilty, And He’s My Normal Cat”

  1. Our cats have gone through 5 or 6 Da Birds over the last few years. They absolutely love them! Ultimately, our male cat catches it and runs off with it and snaps it off the cord at some point, thus killing it until we buy another one. Great toy!

  2. My cat guilts me too! He waits by the closet where we keep his bird toy. He gets up any time I go near it and runs around me howling similarly to how Nugget was in your video. I didn’t know the part about letting the cat catch it though. He does during play but didn’t know we should let him “kill” it at the end.

  3. Oh nugget hamburger. Can I call you NH for short or are we too early in our relationship to give out nicknames?
    We don’t own a cat but we have a dog that likes to chew on dirty underwear. Does that count?

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