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FAQs On Sponsored Posts And Enough Links For You

Although I have written sponsored posts on and off for years, I have more than usual coming up so I wanted to answer some FAQs. If you don’t care, skip down to my other hangouts and read my monthly piece for Progressive Christianity, check out what I read this week or just bask in the amazing Teddy Roosevelt quote, which I so needed to read this week.

1) How do I get offered sponsored posts? Either companies and my ad network or other blog communities create campaigns and pitch them to a group of bloggers in their network who they believe will be the best fit. Those bloggers apply to the ones they also agree are best for their readership, family and blog. I also have PR firms of companies reach out to me individually as well as companies who work with me throughout the year. I always have the right to not apply. Occasionally, I’m surprised who finds Late Enough and who doesn’t so the fact that Aveda doesn’t sponsor my hair yet is a Googlery (Google + mystery), and I probably turn down 80% of the offers I get.

2) How do I chose sponsored posts for Late Enough? I chose companies I already use, am planning on using in the near future, or I read about the company or product when they reached out to me and said, “Sounds awesome.” The difficulty for me is that sometimes the details of project are different from what I thought they would be from the application. I will always change aspects that are not in keeping with the respect I have for my readership, and I will ask to change other details that feel stilted or strange, but I have only backed out once since I believe that applying to a program is also a reflection of my integrity.

3) Why do I write sponsored posts? They make Late Enough more money than ongoing ads in my sidebars so they help offset the cost of my website and the time and effort that I put into my blog. Some of them let me give away cool things to y’all, or they let my family and I do cool things. They also help me fund other random giveaways and charity events I do on here as well.

4) Do I only shop at the companies that sponsor me? No although it may seem like that since I sometimes see a campaign as an opportunity to write about an area of my life that I haven’t highlighted as much as I’d like to on my blog so you may not know that I shop in all sorts of cool places for those items. Occasionally, I only write about a particular company during the duration of the campaign because my contract includes a clause asking me not to blog about other companies in similar genres. THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO ONLY TALK ABOUT THE COMPANY IN THE COMMENTS HERE OR ELSEWHERE. TALK ABOUT WHATEVER YOU LIKE OR DISLIKE.

5) Can I disagree with you, your choices or the company in your comments? Of course. One of my great joys is how respectful, thoughtful and helpful my readership is. And if you aren’t because you are having a bad day or the particular company I’m working with is very upsetting to you, your comment will still appear. I may not respond to ranting curse words, but I won’t delete it unless you are mean to my children. That’s my only line for comment moderation on Late Enough.

I hope this helps. I spend a lot of time on my sponsored posts because I don’t want y’all to read crap and I don’t want companies to pay for crap, but I also appreciate that you may skip them. I try to keep them to the weekends, and if I can’t, I will put “sponsored” in the title. I always put a disclaimer at the end in keeping with my conscience and FTC regulations.

Feel free to keep the questions coming as well. I don’t mind them at all. I’d rather you ask because I think sponsored posts and money and blogging is confusing and SHROUDED IN MYSTERIOUS MYSTERY for no good reason.

When I’m not the mysterious money-making question answerer, I’m becoming even more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

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Theodore Roosevelt Quote
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  1. This is cool Alex. I hardly notice you write sponsored posts, honestly, which is a good thing because it’s means they’re well written enough to be interesting.

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