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Are Lizard Babies Good For Business?

by Alex Iwashyna

in Marriage, WTH

Scott: Wow. I’ve been getting so many prenatal consults* this month. *this is when pregnant women come in to interview a perspective pediatrician

Me: That’s great!

Scott: What was everyone doing this winter?

Me: Um, that’s not how human pregnancy works.

Scott: Whatever. I’m tired, and I’ve totally seen pregnancy work that fast.

Me: When? Spawn pregnancies? You’ve been watching way too much Supernatural.

Scott: Yup, lizard babies. 

Me: Lizard babies?

Scott: Man, is it going to be hard to tell whether they have a fever, or they just sat too close to a lamp.

Me once I can talk again from laughing so hard: Wait, can I can blog about this?

Scott: I don’t know. Do you think it will be good for business?

Me: Hard to tell. For either of us really.


A Thorny Devil. No really. (Photo Source: Wikimedia)

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Kimberly April 24, 2013 1

This totally reminded me of one of those ink shows…this lady brought in a lizard of some sort in exchange for a tattoo….of her in a seductive pose…with a lizard.
This would appeal to her.


Chara April 24, 2013 2

Riley will think this is hysterical and he can totally vouch for Thorny Devils because he researched lizards, etc. and read about them.


Amanda Jillian April 25, 2013 3

Lol awesome


Jessica April 26, 2013 4

Ummm….when would lizard babies not be good for business?

Love it!


Michael Lombardi April 26, 2013 5

Well there is a statistically significant portion of the US population that believes the country is run by lizard people. And with your proximity to DC, I think Scott may be on to something.


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