Chore List

Somebody Has To Do All The Eating And Sleeping Around Here

We decide to create a job jar for the kids to have a chore-a-week assigned to them since the chore chart failed so spectacularly back in 2011.

My 6-year-old son is all about it, and he immediately lists four hefty chores:

Chore List

Clean the TV room.

Clean up after dinner.

Clean my room.

Clean the sunroom.

The last one causes a loud groan from my husband because, while the sunroom is mostly the kids playroom, it is freezing in the winter so when the nights drop below 45 degrees, we basically closed it off and hoped the winter cleaning fairies would show up before its grand reopening in April.

I glare at my husband because my son is showing INITIATIVE WITH CLEANING OUR HOME and say: Looks like you need to be on E’s cleaning team. I’ll be with N.

This is a much more fantastic call than expected because, after sighing about the entire project, my daughter finally pipes up with her jobs.





I assume we’ll be laughing at E and Scott doing all the work before we grab a snack and a drink and head back to bed.

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