Dog Snack

Snack Time! Puppy Style And More Than Enough Links For You

I came back down from the kids’ bedtime to Lars munching away.

Dog Snack
Lars says: Pretzels are awesome. I’m only a tiny bit ashamed.

When my dog isn’t cooking dinner and getting himself snacks, he’s becoming more popular than me. DAMN HIM.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

  • Damsel in Distress: Part 1 – Tropes vs Women in Video Games: From Feminist Frequency on youtube, Anita Sarkeesian produces an ongoing series exploring gender representations, myths and messages in popular culture media specific to gaming and this is her first series since her Kickstarter campaign. While I’m not great at video games, I still love her commentary as video games were a part of my growing up and are already a part of my children’s lives. (smart)
  • The 30 Happiest Facts Of All Time: From Buzzfeed, this made me so happy that by the end I cried a little. It was just after I learned turtles can breathe out of the butts. (fun and cheery)
  • Malala Yousafzai: I Have The Right: From Zen Pencils, this comic goes through the story of Malala Yousafzai, an amazing teenager living under Taliban rule in Pakistan who only wanted herself and other girls to receive education. Through her work and amazing courage, she is now the youngest person ever nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. (important)
  • Neil Tyson Pounds The Table, Demanding A Future, Now!: From NPR Science Blog, Krulwich Wonders, how important is NASA? Neil Tyson thinks it gives us dreams and a tomorrow to strive for. (interesting)

Quote For International Women’s Day:

And so her anger grew. It swept through her like a fire. She was more than shaken. She thought she was consumed. But she was illuminated with her rage; she was bright with fury. And though she still trembled, one day she saw she had survived this blaze. And after a time she came to see this anger-that-was-so-long-denied as a blessing. –Susan Griffen

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