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Nobody Told Me How Much I Would Love My Dog

by Alex Iwashyna

in Pets

I knew cats were amazing.

Cat in Sink Poster

Your adorableness

I fully excepted to fall in love with my kids.

Silly with Kids

But nobody told me how much I would love this dog.

Puppy and me 2

Puppy love.

Puppy and me


I was once deathly afraid of dogs. I would pretend to be okay because I hated looking weak. It wasn’t until my 20s that I admitted, and subsequently avoided, most dogs except the very well-behaved ones. At first, I accepted that I would get over my fear, but one day, I decided to give dogs a chance, and since they couldn’t understand why I didn’t think they were awesome, they gave me plenty of opportunities. I would pet them and talk to them trusting them to not rip my face off. I would fake it.

With this practice, my fears subsided to the point that, while I didn’t believe every dog was my friend, I did think we could have a dog. I enjoyed them and more so, my husband and kids did. Of course, I would care very much for our dog, too, but I didn’t expect my heart to expand at every turn. To worry and fret. To laugh and chat (what? he’s a good listener). Lars loves straight for the heart. Or maybe straight from his ever-wagging tail. I love him with that enthusiasm as well.

I don’t think that I’m suddenly a dog person. I could adopt any cat and feel safe and confident. That’s not true with dogs. But there’s something about dogs. Perhaps many people tried to tell me how much I’d love Lars, but I just had to have it happen for myself. I’m a Lars person.

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Caitlin MidAtlantic March 21, 2013 1

I feel so much the same about my dog! I still am pretty nervous around many dogs. But way back 7 years ago, I also knew my then-boyfriend was this close to bringing home the next puppy he saw. I knew that I wanted more say in the type of dog he got than just seeing a cute something on the corner. I also knew that my finger was naked and I wanted some proof of commitment! So we got Riesling. And my heart grew three sizes that day.


Alex Iwashyna March 22, 2013 2

It’s so nice to hear from another person who gets nervous around other dogs but loves their own so so much. I think that I’m doing great around other people’s dogs until 1) they bark and I jump a mile or 2) my kids are anywhere near their teeth. Ha!
There are a few dogs that I’m good with though. It’s interesting how varied my dog reactions are and with cats I’m totally fine 99.99%.


julie gardner March 21, 2013 3

“since they couldn’t understand why I didn’t think they were awesome, they gave me plenty of opportunities.” Yes. Best line ever.

The thing about dogs? They believe we’re better than we actually are.
Which, in turn, makes us want to BE better.

My Bella and Bailey love me MUCH more than I deserve. So I love them back.

And try to be as good as they think I am.



Nicole March 21, 2013 4

Totally get it. My Mojo is the awesomest and I love him with heart-bursting affection. He’s always happy to see me, always ready for a snuggle, and knows when I need him to be affectionate and comforting. He puts his head in my lap when I am sad. It’s like he knows. Your Lars is adorable and sweet. You don’t have to love ALL dogs. It’s wonderful enough to just love yours. :-)


Lily from It's A Dome Life March 21, 2013 5

I love my dogs too. They have a way of stealing your heart.


Jenni Chiu @ MommyNaniBooboo March 21, 2013 6

You Lars lover, you!
Our two dogs were our first babies. They are always happy to see me, never manipulate, and totally trust me. It’s an amazing relationship to have with a living thing.


Jeb March 22, 2013 7

They are amazing animals. We were paired with Daisy because her foster person knew she needed owners that could temper her dominant traits and while she has at times actually bickered with us, we could not imagine a better companion. She’s in her twilight years now, and she’s never known anything but true love. I’m so glad you got Lars. You needed each other.


Alex Iwashyna March 22, 2013 8

Aw, I love that. And we did need each other. Thanks.


Kimberly March 23, 2013 9

I reserve the right to call my dog an asshole for several reasons. One being he ate half of our kitchen floor and put a hole straight on through to the other room.
Have you read Marley And Me?
That’s my dog.
An asshole.
But he’s family…and family members are like that sometimes.
He’s a good listener too although I can see it in his eyes that he wished he had a full time job and didn’t have to spend time with me.
Total asshole.


Laura Flickinger March 23, 2013 10

So true, Alex. It’s amazing how you can fall in love with a dog. I’m glad it’s happened for you. :)


Missy March 24, 2013 11

I’m not a huge dog person either. Give me a cat any day. But when you raise a good breed from a pup, this odd thing happens. They think you hang the moon. They live to please you. And when you show them affection, it’s the best thing that could ever happen to them.

Some dogs are awesome.


Chara March 24, 2013 12

I’m so glad! This makes my heart ubber happy. Don’t think I ever knew you had a small fear of dogs! Hope Sam didn’t add to that. :o)


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