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My Daughter’s Fashion Blog: Because Spring Will Eventually Be Here

by Alex Iwashyna

in Fashion and Flare

Spring is sort of here if we ignore the March snowstorm. Since I like denial, I’m going to turn over my blog to my daughter for Spring fashion tips and a new idea I have to help small and crafty freaders because you’re just my type (heh).

Fashion Color Bam

N says: Do NOT be afraid of color this season. I’m like BAM! Brighter than a daffodil.

Fashionable hats

N says: Hats are not just for the Princess Kate Middleton, and pink kitties are not just for preschoolers.

Painted Toes

N says: Get your mom to paint your toes but gently suggest she doesn’t literally paint your toes.

N says: In the end, you have to wear what makes you want to dance whether it’s Hello Kitty, glitter leggings, or sweatpants.

DpPc3K on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

The Hello Kitty ribbon headband in N’s hair in the animated gif is from The Laughing Princess. She sent it to us with a few others as a thank you for supporting her Facebook page and because she likes Late Enough.

The Laughing Princess Hair Pieces

This got me thinking more about my Facebook post back in January about wanting to be more supportive of my freaders (friends+reader) — your art and writing and crafts and whatever else you are up to these days. She contacted me so I followed her Facebook page and liked and reposted a few pieces because they were adorable.

But I want to do more so I’ve decided to do is to open up my blog to working more with my readership rather than larger companies.

However, I’m in beta trying to figure out the details. Some participation points I’ve come up with so far: you would have to consider being on Late Enough as something helpful to your business. I would have to see and use your work in some way since I can’t write an honest or interesting post about something I don’t experience. Perhaps we could include either the background story of your company or some tips of the trade. Oh, and a giveaway or discount to everyone on Late Enough would be optional but fun and helpful with getting the word out.

One caveat: If you send me random things rather than talking to me, it may not be a good fit. Trust me, my hatred of surprises and the random monkey I own. Please email me or message me on Facebook first to chat.

I can’t always use stuff so I am also hoping that if a nonprofit contacted me and a small company contacted me or a large company and an artist, I may be able to connect the two together.

I think that I can do more for y’all than like your Facebook pages and visit your websites so if you want to work with me to iron out the kinks in my beta (heh), email me alex {at} lateenough {dot} com or leave a comment on this post.

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Tracey March 6, 2013 1

No way! That’s my Melissa! I love her and her fabulous bows. :) Yay Melissa! Yay Alex! I’m so excited you’re doing this! Yay! Okay, I’m gonna go text her now. And possibly drink some Sleepy Time tea bc that was a lot of excitement for a Wednesday evening. Thanks for the shout out for Melissa and The Laughing Princess. That was awesome. :)


Alex Iwashyna March 7, 2013 2

Yay! And feel free to send any other crafty, arty people my way. xo


Katie March 7, 2013 3

I love the pictures she looks so cute! And in the still shot with the glitter leggings she looks like a ballerina!


Kir March 7, 2013 4

I love her sense of style..she is such a trendsetter.
Her headbands are SO CUTE


angela March 7, 2013 5

She is absolutely fabulous and welcoming spring :)

I’d love to help you out beta-wise. But I don’t have much to offer :) You were already kind enough to buy my book xoxo


Lily from It's A Dome Life March 7, 2013 6

The dancing! So gorgeous. My daughter said, “Look at her! Dat girl a ballerina. She cute.”

The hair bows are really pretty. I am going to go look for the Laughing Princess. I am looking forward to seeing the arts and crafts you showcase. I love to find new people who make things. It feels really good to purchase handmade items.


Katie March 10, 2013 7

I want N’s style confidence.

And I don’t have anything for you to write about except me as a friend. I’ll let you test me out in Chicago and then you can write a review. Because that isn’t awkward at all, right?


Kimberly March 13, 2013 8

Look at her work it…snap snap! Come live wit me for a day…then you’ll have something to write about…ok not really. We could eat fancy Canadian chocolate and chips that you all don’t have. Then we would get sick. Then it wouldn’t be fun anymore. But it would make for a good story. Run with it.


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