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I Dyed My Hair Again And Enough Links For You

by Alex Iwashyna

in Reading & Writing Elsewhere

I had my hair done and although the plan was to keep it to the blue highlights like they are in my avatar in my blog banner, because I’m pretty much the only person who gets this done in the salon, the science is not exact. But I love it my purple blue tie-dye hair (and my salon offered to fix it for free if I didn’t).


This is the one a put up on Facebook and two people unfollowed me over.

Blue Purple Hair 2

This is a better look at the blue part.

Blue Purple Hair 3

This is me trying to take my hair less seriously.

Blue Purple Hair 4

I’m trying to pull off Girls Just Wanna Have Fun but I just look weird.

When I’m not alienating people with my hair, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

  • Your One and Only: From Lesbian Family, when we are the token person who is asked the awful, awkward and completely sincere questions, do we balk? Or do we build bridges? (thoughtful)
  • Social Media Sites Imagined as Party Goers: From Mashable, does a great video imagining all the social media sites as party goers. (The Mashable articles helps in case you don’t recognize everyone.) My favorites is poor Digg who can’t even get into the party. Or maybe Reddit who knows EVERYTHING first. (nerdy funny)
  • The Country: From The Writers Almanac  Billy Collin’s poem about a mouse, a match and country living. Through this site, you can have a poem emailed to you every day, and everybody knows poems are magic. (magic)

Quote Of The Week:

“If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and man.” ―Mark Twain

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Thekitchwitch March 24, 2013 1

Congrats on your speaking gig! You’ll be brilliant!


Alex Iwashyna March 25, 2013 2

Thank you! When I found out, I turned to Scott and said: “OMG what was I thinking? I hate speaking in front of people.”
At least I care a lot about the topic so that should help.


Amanda Jillian March 24, 2013 3

I think your hair is awesome! But then again I’m a tattooed, ombre haired mama


Chara March 24, 2013 4

I like the girls just wanna have fun picture!!!! It’s FUN! And so is your hair!


Erica March 24, 2013 5

I think in that last photo, your hair is making a V for Victory.


Laverne March 24, 2013 6

They seriously did not stop following you?! Over hair?! Ppiisshhhaaaa let them go. I love your hair!! It is your hair after all. It’s what’s on the inside that really maters anyway and you are ever so beautiful and amazing. I hope our paths cross at BlogHer 13. I am so happy and proud for you. You are just so wise and thoughtful. What a great topic to be presenting on.


Alex Iwashyna March 25, 2013 7

It was either over my hair or they were going back into my old FB posts and getting offended.
And if you’re going to be at BlogHer ’13, we better do more than cross paths! I want to meet you. Thanks for your words of encouragement — they mean a lot and I needed them especially today.


Kimberly March 25, 2013 8

I love it. Not just anyone can rock that. And you do. Love. I’m getting all crazy up in here this spring and I’m going to get carmel highlights…up…balls out.


Missy March 25, 2013 9

I like the blue. I miss my pink hair. It was like carnival pink. In your face obnoxious pink. I’m pretending to be a grown up these days, so I have to look normal.

I’m so jealous of you!


amanda hamer March 25, 2013 10

If they UN followed because of your hair it wouldn’t surprise me. People are so judgemental when it comes to hair. I’ve been dying my blonde locks since my early teens. I’ve had literally every color. Pink being my favorite. The green not so much and I got looks everywhere I went. I really don’t care because they have all the tattoos to stare at too. OMG a woman with pink hair and tattoos. The shame. These days I usually stick with the blonde for work and my children’s sake. I noticed my teenage daughter didn’t like the staring do much. I like the blue and purple but I’m bias have to live my hair dying through you LOL


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