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The Puppy Is Growing Up

by Alex Iwashyna

in Pets

I know I’m supposed to do this with my kids and a teddy bear or something, but let’s face it, this blog has never really been about my kids.

Lars Growing Up

Our first picture of him when he was about 5 weeks old to now when he is about 16 weeks old.

Lars Growing Up 2

Okay this picture makes him look even older than he is. Like a glimpse at the giant man dog I will have in 8 months. But look at those soulful eyes.

Lars is house-trained, can sit, kennel-up, leave it and drop (okay he drops it only when he’s not trying to embarrass me). He’s actually a genius dog, which should surprise no one, but it also makes him a huge pain in the butt because if we slack on training he learns to make himself cheese sandwiches.

My daughter is the true dog whisperer around here with her finger waggles and dog hugs and ability to get him to sit even though they weigh the same now.

And while having a puppy is a bit like having another child, I’ve never locked my kids in a cage and left the house for three hours. High-fives all around.

But don’t be fooled by the sentimental nature of this post into thinking the dog has someone ousted anyone from their rightful place in our home. The cats still rule the roost.

Cat in the kennel

You can have your kennel back when I feel like giving you your kennel back -Huckle

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Caitlin MidAtlantic February 12, 2013 1

AWWW!! He’s so CUTE!! < — insert squealing and hugs for puppies. And I don't even really like animals that much.


Alex Iwashyna February 12, 2013 2

My animals are more like furry people.


K February 12, 2013 3

I feel like Huckle always has his game face on.

(But that just might be most cats general expression.)


Alex Iwashyna February 12, 2013 4

Well, most cats are expressive, but Huckle has got it in spades.


Chara February 12, 2013 5

This is awesome on so many levels.


kevin February 12, 2013 6

Your dog looks amazing. How has it been raising him? Like kids, or better?


Alex Iwashyna February 12, 2013 7

Different. Our skill set is definitely stronger in parenting since neither of us grew up with dogs but have MDs and wanted to/practice peds so while they are way easier than kids with the whole crating and putting outside to pee thing, it is stressful in new ways. We have to find and get on the same page since there are 3000 ways to bring up a dog and a sense that if you get it wrong, your dog will eat your neighbors face off.


Sarah February 12, 2013 8

Lars is going to totally look like Super-Sophers once he’s grown! Well, he’ll be larger, of course. And perhaps he’ll look a lot less neurotic.


Lady Jennie February 17, 2013 9

Our puppers is really growing too. I’m going to post pictures soon. We’re actually finally starting to love him.


Liz Camacho March 13, 2013 10

Hi there I saw your pucs of Lats and he looks exactly like our puppy Luke. Luke is Now 1 years old. I know he is lab mix and at this point fairly certain he is lab pit mix. I saw your pics of Lars and I swear they could be twins! Would love to send you some pics of Luke’s and also what I have learned this past year about him! Different experience from our purebred lab but he is a different dog. Lars is adorable and I would not worry too much about what he is mixed with but do need to consider it with training etc. I know our Luke is much more stubborn than our first purebred lab Moe! He is also incredibly smart so needs to be mentally stimulated! Anyway just thought I would share ;)


Alex Iwashyna March 13, 2013 11

Aw, we have twins! Of course you can email me anytime with pics or suggestions unless they involve standing on my head while training Lars because my balance isn’t what it used to be.


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