Ice Cream Face

The Best Compliments For My Kids And Enough Links For Your Weekend

The teacher to me: Your daughter is so sweet and kind.

Me: I know. Thank you. She’s so tender-hearted. {I DO know, but it’s nice to hear, too.}

Teacher: Oh and so is your son. So much so. {She’s had the opportunity to teach them both}

Me: He really is. Thank you.

I want very much to nurture and protect this in my children. I thoughtfully chose who, what, where and how in regards to school and activities and daily life lessons as they grow up, but I cannot constantly protect them, nor should I.

So when their compassionate, considerate natures are threatened I WANT TO STAB THAT PERSON IN THE FACE.

However, my kids do not so I am still on a parenting win.

Ice Cream Face
Ice cream treat day. Sweets may be the key to staying sweet although I’ll eat candy for breakfast so probably not.
Ice Cream Fangs
DIY ice cream gummy topping fangs. He sucks the sweet out of unsuspecting victims?
One Billion Rising
My daughter dancing at One Billion Rising in Richmond. This is what I don’t want them to lose and maybe why I care about these movements today more than ever.

When I’m not honoring my children’s kindness and joy by controlling my impulse to hate the world, I am becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

  • Great Expectations: Alex of Late Enough: On GFunkified, I am asked about my greatest expectations, and while I had so many, I was especially wrong about growing older. It’s fantastic, but my teenage self crying into her 19 candles was not having it.
  • My son’s thoughts on Valentine’s Day: From Late Enough’s Facebook page, this made me want to keep the holiday forever and ever, and it’s so fantastic to see that so many other children went to bed on Valentine’s Day feeling as cared for and loved by their classmates, friends and family as well.
  • My blender giveaway (total value $455) ends Monday 2/18 at noon. Thanks Stonyfield and Blendtec for giving my readers such great products. I will contact the winner via email by the end of next week and put the winning comment number on that post once I confirm the winner’s entry.

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

  • Nirvana Song Lyrics Pickup Lines: From whatever on youtube, using Nirvana lyrics to pick up the ladies. I found it funny and so awkward I almost had to stop watching. There are other lyric videos and also, another youtuber doing it with higher quality video and is more gracious but getting fewer numbers. (awkward funny)
  • Virginia Legislator Kills Employment Protections Because Anti-LGBT Discrimination ‘Doesn’t Exist’: From Think Progress, this is so frustrating. One, it still shouldn’t be allowed even if it hasn’t happened yet. Two, there’s an executive order banning it so it shouldn’t happen. Three, it has happened. (fist shake)
  • Language Myth #6: Women Talk Too Much: From PBS, actually in situations where talking confers power, economic or social status, such as classrooms, business meetings and expert panels, women and girls talk much less most often because men and boys are interrupting or are being given more time by teachers or moderators often unconsciously because “women talk too much” anyway. (important)
  • I really didn’t like my son: From Guardian UK, a mom struggling with her 10-year-old son who alternated between sweetness and a sassy arrogance that she cannot stand. I especially liked that the article has day-to-day parenting solutions. (insightful)

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  1. I love those big, brown eyes! So gorgeous. I am so impressed with your daughter out there dancing by herself! I wish I had that kind of confidence. I hope she never, ever loses that.

    You must be super proud right now. I think that really is the best compliment anyone can give our children. Kindness is more important than being clever or cute or funny.

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