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Staycation Gone Wild

by Alex Iwashyna

in Awkward, Marriage

After I wrote my post about marriages needing help sometimes, I told Scott we needed a picture together. So we took twenty-five plus two videos and I can’t stop laughing. Here are the highlights.

Roller coaster 2

Very àpropos for marriage except for the missing body parts.


The city of love.

Paris 2

I think Scott is squishing its head. Also, CRAZY EYES.

Under the sea

Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming.


Becoming one with nature.

Still hiking


Birds in the sky.

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s Scott and Alex.

We actually made a 20 second video being birds. I could not stop watching it because it’s HILARIOUS.

Beach days


in love

Them’s a lot of heart

hearts 2


But of course we didn’t end on too mushy of a note. We spent the next 30 seconds trying to get photo booth to make hearts come out of Scott’s butt.

Marriage rocks when you play it right.

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Adrienne February 4, 2013 1

He’s a keeper. You’re a keeper. Wouldn’t you like to be a keeper, too?

This comment brought to you by the letter nonsensical and my general level of amusedness by all you have posted here.


Imperfect Jessica February 4, 2013 2

That’s awesome :)


Lady Jennie February 7, 2013 3

You guys are dorks, and I must say it’s precisely what I love about you.


Greta @gfunkified February 8, 2013 4

Oh my goodness. You two are so cute.


Lily from It's A Dome Life February 10, 2013 5

If the whole blogger + doctor power couple thing doesn’t work out I am pretty sure you guys could get gigs on Broadway.


Alex Iwashyna February 10, 2013 6

A one man-one woman play. Scalex! Maybe we should start with YouTube.


Elaine A. February 18, 2013 7

I love that you have the same sense of humor. That certainly goes a long way! ;) Too cute!!!


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