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Happy Valentine’s Day. Stay Vague.

by Alex Iwashyna

in Holidays, Quotes

Be Vague Valentine

I have perfected my vagueness except when I’m sick then I need some Miss. Manner’s duct tape.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Stay Vague or Duct Tape-y!

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Ally Bean February 14, 2013 1

Wonderful sentiment. Pity I don’t always manage to do that. Happy Duct Tape-y Day right back at you.


Alex Iwashyna February 14, 2013 2

I imagine Miss. Manners would approve of our arsenal of duct tape.


Lily from It's A Dome Life February 14, 2013 3

The cool part is there are so many pretty Duct Tapes out there now. I can totally picture people walking around with little unicorn and rainbow printed x’s over their mouths. Maybe over their ears too!


Caroline @ Pink Basil February 14, 2013 4

That is so much better than “Don’t say anything at all.” Vague is going to be my new life motto :) LOL


Kimberly February 15, 2013 5

Roses are red…
Violets are blue…
I hate rhyming…


Alex Iwashyna February 15, 2013 6

If a spammer p0rn bot replies to you, I’m totally letting it through. Happy Valentine’s Day!
Vagina. xo


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