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The Smallest Heart In Town

by Alex Iwashyna

in Motherhood, My Daughter

My daughter to me: I’m making a beautiful crown for you, and I added a heart.

Me: Aw, a big heart just like your mama’s big heart.

N: No, it’s a little heart.

Me: Hmm… that’s probably more accurate.

LIttle Heart Crown

Queen of the Little Hearts. Like the Grinch and some of my blackhearted freaders.

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KLZ January 28, 2013 1

But the Grinch ends up having the biggest heart of all – which still sounds about right.


Alex Iwashyna January 28, 2013 2

Aw.. well my heart has grown a lot living this pretty cool life.


Thekitchwitch January 28, 2013 3

All hail the black-hearted!


Alex Iwashyna January 28, 2013 4

You and me, baby. Killing rodents and convinced everyone is indeed out to get us.


Kir January 28, 2013 5

I’m with KLZ, I’ve met you in person and your HEART is one of the biggest I’ve ever hugged.



Alex Iwashyna January 28, 2013 6

you are just the sweetest, too. i’m glad we met. xoxo


Missy January 28, 2013 7

Size doesn’t matter.

(She’s too cute – love that she made you a crown!)


Alex Iwashyna January 28, 2013 8

this made me giggle.

(she’s the most thoughtful kid. always making one for mama. she gets that from her dad.)


angela January 28, 2013 9

It DOES look however that you have the biggest crown :)


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