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Our Backyard Fort Rules

by Alex Iwashyna

in My Family, The House

An update on our backyard fort, also known as where most of you are moving according to your comments on my first fort post, is long overdue.

We framed it.

Framed Fort

Fists Up!

Put up a roof.

Roof Fort

We even included skylights.

Nailed up walls.

Walls of fort

With hand cut windows.

And added a mofo twisty camouflage slide.

Twisty Slide Fort

The slide is not yet safe for adults, which makes it even cooler

Although we aren’t finished yet, I feel confident enough to say: Bring it zombie, apocalyptic, global warming insanity. We will happily welcome you to the coolest house on the block that we built with our bare hands of awesomeness. And by “we” I mean mostly Scott and the kids while I cheer from inside because if I could, I’d become a shut-in.

PS. I’ll let you know when we’re done so you can apply to our neighborhood association of one. There are a lot of questions on survival skill sets and how much you talk — not because we have anything to hide but because we’re all stocked up on chatty here.

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Jackie January 23, 2013 1

That is a pretty cool fort!

What else do you have left to do to it?


Alex Iwashyna January 23, 2013 2

We have to put a curtain in the front and a railing for safety for other kids (and so I stop having heart attacks when mine go to the edge). We need to add small sections of the roof so it doesn’t leak (where the big pieces join together). We need to decorate the inside with coolness. There are probably a few other things that I don’t know because I’m not really building it at all. Haha.


Lily from It's A Dome Life January 23, 2013 3

I would totally live in there. When the kids go to college you can rent it out to survivalists to train in.

Not to sound like a grumpy person, but is it possible to stand on the roof? The power lines look close in one picture and far away in another. I’ve seen kids do some crazy climbing to get onto roofs.


The Most Paranoid Mom Ever


Alex Iwashyna January 23, 2013 4

No questions is too grumpy for the grumpiest person I know (me).

1) the roof would cave in under the weight of a child
2) the high voltage lines are at least 20 feet away (the walls and roof pictures are optical illusion)
3) the one closer line is a single low voltage line (phone line) going from the telephone pole to the house
4) my husband does plan to trim back the crepe myrtle since the kids climb from the fort to the tree would be dangerous.

Does that help? xo


Lily from It's A Dome Life January 24, 2013 5

Yay! I can stop being paranoid AND grumpy (or at least one or the other). I don’t even know why I brought up power lines. I mean, you have it all figured out. I can’t even build a box, meanwhile you guys are building a guest house in the backyard. Who ever came up with that saying, “There are no stupid questions,” just hasn’t met me yet. I am out to prove that person wrong if it is the last thing I do! :)

Those windows would be perfect for little flower boxes.


Jennifer January 23, 2013 6

We have a fortish type play structure in our backyard that David built, but our slide is not all twisty… and we don’t have walls. He put my daughter’s playhouse up there instead. Although… both of my kids are kind of growing out of that. I may talk to him about adding walls. This looks pretty fantastic.


Sarah January 23, 2013 7

1) I can be silent for hours.
2) I know how to cook some things, like grits and coffee, over an open fire.
3) I played softball as a child, and have some sturdy bats (to replace the cricket bats, if need be).

I can totally be a team player/survivalist here…


Chara January 23, 2013 8

I am starting to forward my mail ASAP. I need a little getaway bungalow!


Jenni Chiu @ MommyNaniBooboo January 23, 2013 9

I’m good at killing zombies. You have to let me in now.
Also, you have inspired me to make a backyard fort too… as soon as I get backyard.


Greta @gfunkified January 23, 2013 10

Wow, THAT is incredible!


Lady Jennie January 27, 2013 11

I definitely want to see that finished project.


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