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My Daughter Has Flare

by Alex Iwashyna

in Fashion and Flare, My Daughter

Me: Hey sweetie, we are going bowling so get dressed.

N: Okay, mama.

My daughter's bowling outfit

Her cats came, too.

Bowling together

We were asked to join a bowling league.

Me: Hey sweetie, we are going skiing so get dressed.

N: Okay, mama.

My daughter's skiing outfit

She was the only one on the mountain in a tutu.

Me: Hey sweetie, where are you?

N: Just hanging out in my room, mama.

Just hanging out

Who doesn’t hang out in a velvet cape?

She’s only three so I should just give up and join in with a little flare of my own, right?

New Avatar

This is my new avatar, too.

It’s good to have a daughter who inspires me to wear faux fur to go bowling and to let down my hair and take a picture even without makeup.

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Katie January 3, 2013 1

Love this!! Btw you’re hair looks luxurious!! What have you been shampooing with?


Alex Iwashyna January 3, 2013 2

Why thank you. A few weeks ago, I started using Pantene Color Preserve Volume Shampoo ( and for a few months I’ve used Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner ( xo


Kir January 3, 2013 3

I seriously want her to meet Jacob, who dresses like SANTA, SCROOGE, THE GRINCH and HARRY POTTER daily. They would be FAST friends.

I love her flare, love her ability to just DO, GO, FEEL!
don’t you wish that we could all just embrace that part of ourselves?

she is so beautiful my friend.


Alex Iwashyna January 3, 2013 4

They would love each other. Or have a flare-off.

I’m grateful for the daily reminder to be myself.


Katie January 3, 2013 5

First? I do not own a tutu. I blame this on not having a daughter.

Second? That picture of you is gorgeous. There. I said it.


Roxanne January 3, 2013 6

I love her flare! I want to wear tutus to the mountain and a velvet cape while hanging around the house.

Maybe I will.


angela January 3, 2013 7

Our daughters would get along so well …as long as we met in a county with far over the average amount of tulle.

(Also, the blue streaks with the blue coat rock.)


Lily from It's A Dome Life January 3, 2013 8

You are gorgeous. Why would you ever wear makeup?

I think you need your own tutu.


Alex Iwashyna January 3, 2013 9

I heard someone {LOOKING DIRECTLY AT YOU} knows how to make one.


Lily from It's A Dome Life January 5, 2013 10

Was that a double-dog-dare? It sort of sounded like one to me….


Missy January 3, 2013 11

You’re both gorgeous! I love her style, and yes, we should all find our flair.

Long time, no talk (or type, as the case may be). Just wanted you to know I’m still out here reading, even though I stink at commenting. Happy New Year to you and yours!


Alex Iwashyna January 3, 2013 12

Hi and Happy New Year!

So good to hear/read from you and thanks. My daughter’s a good reminder that I still have flare, too.


Imperfect Jessica January 4, 2013 13

Thats it. I need to buy my daughter Tutus.


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