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My Cat And Puppy Playing Or When Frenemies Become Friends

by Alex Iwashyna

in Pets

My black cat’s favorite toy is a pipe cleaner, which makes Santa’s many feathered gifts to her lonely, but my daughter’s arts and crafts box very popular.


We actually have no more pipe cleaners in N’s arts and crafts box as of today.

Over the last few weeks, our puppy, Lars, has noticed Huckle’s love of pipe cleaners, and since he thinks they are twins, he is determined to use it as an in to her heart.

And it totally worked because now they bring it to each other and play.

Black cats and dogs rule.

The End.

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Ally Bean January 7, 2013 1

This is wonderful. So sweet and unexpected. I’m smiling here.


Alex Iwashyna January 7, 2013 2

I didn’t have my camera, but Huckle brought a pipe cleaner to the kennel when Lars was eating. I died of smiling.


Shell January 7, 2013 3

They are too cute!


Megan (Best of Fates) January 7, 2013 4

That is crazy adorable. Also, I’d forgotten pipe cleaners exist. How have I let myself get to such a place?


Alex Iwashyna January 7, 2013 5

It’s like you’re trying to be a grownup. STOP IT.


Lady Jennie January 7, 2013 6

I told my husband about the pair of cat eyes peering eerily behind the dog from outside the window. He was cracking up. Pipe cleaners are cheap and easy.


Jenny B January 7, 2013 7

Your pets are very shiny! Whatever you feed them gives them a lovely sheen.


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