Ribbon Jeans 3T

I Am Giving Away The Polka-A-Dot Jeans, Ironic Dontcha Think?

Giveaway closed. Comment #14 won.

This may just be Alanis irony, but when my daughter tried on her polka-a-dot jeans for the first time, the same ones I used in my example as to why moms shouldn’t dream of wearing their children’s clothing, she went three steps and yelled: MAMA, I CAN’T SIT DOWN.

Ribbon Jeans 3T
My face does not come with the jeans.

At least, she didn’t feel bad about it. Why yes, I am taking notes.

Sadly, the ribbon jeans are nonreturnable because they were bought at a craft show as a Christmas gift for N, but so many people commented on how cute the jeans are that I got an idea. I could give them to you.

The jeans are adorable and look handmade. If you have a child, who is a 2T or 3T, these jeans would be perfect for her. They are size 3T but not stretchy. If it helps with sizing, my daughter wears both 3T and 4T, but in the last month, I’ve taken many of the 3Ts out of circulation.

The brand is Liza Byrd, and the jeans go for $54 (holy crap, I had no idea until I just googled them right now). They are new-without-tags because I removed them assuming the jeans would fit my daughter and knowing the jeans weren’t returnable anyway. (My kids are suspect of anything with tags, which makes trying on clothing in the store delightful.)

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Once you’ve subscribed, please leave a comment below letting me know that you want this pair of adorably expensive 3T ribbon jeans. Easy-peasy as my daughter likes to says.

The giveaway ends January 25, 2013 at noon EST, and is only open to readers in the U.S. because I’m shipping the jeans myself, but I still love you Canada and the rest of the world. I’ll randomly select a winner who has 48 hours to response by email or I’ll have to select a new winner. Please read my official rules before entering, and Megan, I don’t think they’ll fit but that isn’t to say you shouldn’t try to win them.

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17 thoughts to “I Am Giving Away The Polka-A-Dot Jeans, Ironic Dontcha Think?”

  1. what about apo? it’s like shipping to jersey! if you will, OOH OOH! i want!! my girl is on the cusp of 2t/3t without a diaper. =) she would lurve them as she likes anything pretty and ribbon-y.

  2. Put me in the running, please! 🙂 Cait would look adorable in these jeans! And I’m local, so I could just meet ya, no shipping involved! 🙂

  3. Oh, I can see these paired an adorable tutu now, or a super hero cape… Maybe a giant fuzzy hat? My little thing is 3t, and does adore ribbon and “polka spots”. Put us in the running, please.

  4. This would likely be my daughter’s first and last pair of $54 jeans. I hope the makers of these pants don’t mind me stealing their idea. I am totally sewing random ribbon to the legs of my daughters pants. She has long legs so when they fit in the waist they are too short and when they fit in the legs they fall down when she walks. It’s impossible to find her pants!

  5. I need them to inspire my New Years diet! Hah hah. No, really cute for my lil’ girl to grow into 🙂 Love funky fabrics for her clothes!

  6. I love those cute little polkadot jeans!!! From your fashionista to mine…come on…you know you want to….she has spunk, she has flair she has springy boingy hair! (I know how much you love a good rhyme.)

  7. I have a just-turned-two-year-old right here in Richmond that would love them! And I have no intention of ever ever wearing any of her clothing.

  8. my daughter would love these-she just turned 3 -so hopefully they would fit but if not my other daughter is only 4 months….so cute- thanks

    tcogbill at live dot com

  9. Am I coming in under the wire? Need these for a budding fashionista. My daughter turns TWO in April and is already picking out her own outfits. Running around like Suri Cruise and pretending she isn’t really “with me” due to my winter hat. She has one pair of jeans that I dual with her about because I KNOW she’s uncomfortable in them… still she insists on wearing. Kind of like how I couldn’t feel my feet for YEARS because of the pointy toe heels. Woe. Polka Dots. LOVE!

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