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All Is Fair In Love And Food And Adorable Furry Creatures

by Alex Iwashyna

in Pets, Reading & Writing Elsewhere

Whenever our puppy, Lars, makes a break for it, we know he’s either heading towards the cat food, eating the cat food or happily prancing away from empty cat food bowls. What we didn’t expect is our cats would be obsessed with dog treats.

cat with dog treats


I guess all’s fair in love and food.

Here’s more sweet pictures of my little furry ones.

dog and fire hydrate


two cats on bed

The boys hanging out or having a glare-off.

scott and lars

can you believe how big lars has gotten?

When I’m not outnumbered by furry animals who are eating my out of house and home (because I do kinda have two homes now), I becoming more popular my reading and writing elsewhere.

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