Enough love for everyone

We Love Our Hairy Friends! Plus More Than Enough Links For You

My amazing friend, B, made this after reading my THICK EYEBROWS UNITE post (which is almost pun-tastic if I was actually letting my unibrow grow out).

Frida Eyebrows Enough

While this would be the perfect time to say, “When I’m becoming an activist for hairy eyebrows everywhere, I’m becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere” I have more to share that I can’t think of when else to post because PUPPIES ARE COMPLICATED.

I’m trying to do a-picture-a-day of my adorable pets on Facebook and Twitter, but I’ve already failed so I’ve decided to call it a-picture-a-less-than-a-day because I’m very clever. I thought I could do a collage or montage or barrage of them here on the blog at least once a week in addition to giving y’all the best stories and videos (because y’all always get the best and OH THE VIDEOS). Or maybe I’ll double-post some days? Bring Saturday blogging back? I DON’T KNOW. Just look at him and be distracted while I try to sort it out.

Puppy and Stuffed Candy Cane
His first stuffed toy. He was asleep minutes after trying to end this stripped bone’s life.

And if you were worried about our ability to love so much furriness in our home, don’t stress.

Enough love for everyone
There are enough belly rubs to go around.

In between belly rubs, not posting pictures and fighting for eyebrow rights, I am becoming more popular by reading and writing elsewhere.

My Other Hangouts (don’t tell my blog):

Favorite posts I didn’t read, I mean, write:

  • Truthdigger of the Week: @KYAnonymous: From TruthDig, I don’t always know how I feel about vigilantism. I guess it depends whose side I am on at the time, but in this case, I find “revenge porn” repulsive and I agree with @KYAnonymous that it “take advantage of some kind of bond of trust they once entered with the person.” (interesting)
  • The Distress of the Privileged: From Weekly Sift, this is such a thoughtful, down-to-earth and important piece on why reverse discrimination is not a valid argument. If you struggled with why people were angry at Dan Cathy of Chick-Fil-A, this article explains it well. Read the entire post. (important – I hope to blog on this at some point too)
  • Third Annual Weird Christmas Ornament Guide: From Wait in the Van, it’s weird and about elephant ornaments and made me very happy. (funny)
  • Peyton Myrick, Missing 2-Year-Old Boy, Watched Over In Woods By Family Dog Ashepoo: From The Huffington Post, a dog stayed with a toddler for the 4 hours he was missing in the woods. (as if I needed another reason to be psyched to have Lars. h/t to Taming Insanity)

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