My son using sifteo cubes

Video Games And Building Blocks Are A Few Of His Favorite Things And You Can Win A Sifteo Game System Too

When I went to BlogHer ’12  this summer, a booth stood out to me because I’d never seen anything like it, and I knew my son would love it. The Sifteo Cubes are 1.7 inch cubes that are video games and building blocks, two of my son’s favorite things so I was very excited to hear from them this holiday season.

And so was he!

I got Sifteo Cubes
It’s like he knew he’d love it even before taking them out of the box.

And once I popped in the batteries, my son couldn’t even bother finding a chair.

My son using sifteo cubes
Are you sure you don’t want to sit down?

The video games are played from one screen to the next so it’s not just about playing but thinking through how to tilt, shift, neighbor and press different cubes, and you can add up to 12 cubes to make the games even more challenging. So far, we’ve stuck to the basic set because my son is 6-year-old, and I wanted him to have fun for his first week with the Sifteo cube, not be frustrated. We will use our add-on cube once he’s mastered the video games he has.

My son loved them, and, since I love a good puzzle game myself, I love them, too.

Here’s a quick video of him playing with the Sifteo Cubes so you can get a good idea of what the Sifteo Cubes are like.

It’s important to realized that the graphics aren’t at the level of video games today. They remind me more of the games I played as a kid, but I think what the cubes lack in fancy graphics, they make up for in interactive-ness. Watching my son rearrange the blocks to move characters around or to match up colors and shapes and letters makes his time playing feel less like spaced-out screen time and more like playing logic games or interactive reading games.

Because we loved these so much, we are also giving away a Sifteo Cubes, Interactive Game System set to y’all!

THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congrats to comment #67

Sifteo Cubes, Interactive Game System ($129.95 value) is recommended for ages 7 to adult and includes:

  • 3 Sifteo Cubes
  • Sifteo Base
  • 4 pre-installed games: Chroma Splash, Cube Buddies, code Cracker, Word Caravan
  • Free download of Sandwich Kingdom (limited time only – a $10 value)
  • USB cable
  • Soft carrying case
  • 5 AAA Batteries (included)

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Once you’ve subscribed, please leave a comment letting me know what  is you or your child’s favorite video game and you are entered into the giveaway!

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Disclaimer: I was given the Sifteo Cubes, Interactive Game System, and an Add-On Cube to review and a Sifteo Cubes, Interactive Game System to give away. My opinion is can’t be bought sadly for everyone but me and my freaders.

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94 thoughts to “Video Games And Building Blocks Are A Few Of His Favorite Things And You Can Win A Sifteo Game System Too”

  1. My 11 year old is finally getting an upgrade to a ps3 this year and he loves all the madden football games. My six year old daughter loves to play Mario. She’s pretty good!
    Happy holidays!

  2. Whoa, this looks super cool!! My kids have leapsters, and they like the drawing, coloring games best (they’re still too young for video game type games.)
    I subscribe to your newsletter and LOVE IT even when you’re not giving away cool stuff. 🙂

  3. Here’s a ‘snapshot’ of the tweet:

    arovd (@arovd)
    12/16/12 8:41 AM
    I entered to #win @Sifteo Cubes Interactive Game System thanks to @L8enough: #giveaway

  4. Hands down my favorite video game is Tetris. Greatest game EVER. My 4 1/2 yr old son is just starting to get interested in problem solving puzzles and games. He loves Bad Piggies (and all of the Angry Bird games) and tanagram puzzles.

    1. I like you on facebook

      (and I’ve been an email subscriber for a long time – forgot to mention that in my earlier comment)

  5. Thank you for your post on sifteo. I hadn’t heard of it. After some additional research, we decided this was exactly the gift we’d been looking for. Our 10 year old daughter is a tech, book, and Lego lover with too many books and Legos. Her favorite games are Lego batman, jet pack joyride, plants vs zombies, and civilization. She also likes a few board games – we got Dixit for some friends, and that turned out to be quite fun.

    I don’t think you should actually enter us in your drawing, though. I didn’t want to leave this to chance, so I went ahead and ordered the basic cube model from Amazon was out of them, so I’m afraid there will be a run on these.

    Also, I love your blog. I don’t have time to follow blogs, so yours is the only one I actually subscribe to.

  6. LOVE these super cute pictures–absolutely captures the delight and excitement we all want to inspire in our loved ones, especially this time of year.

  7. That is just adorable. And he has such a beautiful smile! We play just about anything, but our favorites are the Lego video game series. I can only imagine how much my godson would love those little cubes. He’s two and a half, and already knows how to work an iPhone better than I do. LOL

  8. Thanks Alex! My 15 year old would LOVE these! He IS the Lego, building, video game, Scrabble, computer take-apart original kid.

    (I now follow Sifteo on FB & Twitter, have always followed your blog of FB & Twitter and checked out the games- Chroma Splash looks like something I would play myself).

  9. My favorite Video games were/are the “Metroid” series, my two year old like “Mini Squadron” on my phone 🙂

    On the Sifteo the game that really stood out to me was “Sandwich Kingdom”. It reminds me of “Dragon Warrior” on the NES.

    I already like Sifteo on Facebook (how I found out about this post).
    I liked you on Facebook.
    I followed you on twitter.

    Thanks and Merry Christmas!

  10. My favorite game is Legend of Zelda: the Wind Waker for Game Cube!
    We have a Wii, but we really just use it for game cube games. We like to kick it old school around here 🙂

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