Raising Another Generation Of Sports Freaks

My son and I are a lot alike. We both have quirks and often the same ones, which is great and can cause us to side-eye each other and ask to hang out with Scott.

One of our favorite shared pastime that I’ve blogged about half a dozen times already is our love of New York Giants football. I remember the moments of my childhood in terms of Giants games as much as any other milestone. The first time the Giants went to the Super Bowl in 1987, I was too young to stay up so my dad taped the ending for me, and I can still visualize the Gatorade spilling over Coach Parcells. The first time I saw the Giants Stadium a year later was magical, but I distinctly remember my first thought being practical: The field is so much smaller than on television.  Twenty-four years later, walking my children through the tunnel from the parking lot to the stadium to see their first Giants home game (even if it wasn’t the same tunnel), made me teary-eyed.

So my son’s obsession with our team is no surprise to me. We already have jerseys, sweatshirts, hats, christmas ornaments, and E is pushing for a car magnet since we gave away the car with the Giants bumper sticker on it. My son regularly polls multiple Kindergarten classes to see if he’s convinced any new Giants fans. I’m quite impressed with his talents because even though we live in Washington Redskins country, his most recent poll shows 29 for the Giants and only 14 for the Redskins. He and I might have a love of underdog politics eventually dominating in common, too.

Giants v Redskins Kindergarten Poll

Another shared trait of ours is a love of calendars. He doesn’t color-code his yet but offer him the opportunity to know the day of the week and cross each one out as we march towards his birthday, Christmas, or Super Bowl Sunday (the Giants ARE leading the NFC East), and he’s in heaven.

But true glory is when two quirks come together, and with the help of, I wowed my son by mashing the New York Giants and a 12 month calendar, which I began in December so he could use it as soon as possible and because I’m a genius.


He carried the calendar around from the moment I gave it to him until he hung it over his bed that evening and this included bring it to the hardware store. I felt like the greatest football mom. A title I completely covet.

Yes, we are many generations of New York Giants freaks, and I could create a list a mile long of gifts that would brighten our day from SportsFreaks365. The only problem is that friends would have to double-check we don’t already own it.

At a Giants home game
This isn’t even close to all our gear.

Showing off your team spirit has never been easier! Whatever team you root for and whatever sport they play, find the gear you need at Just in time for the holidays, you can get 30% off  any purchase using the code “Clever30.” And while you’re there, be sure to enter to win $500 toward team gear in Ditka’s SportsFreak of the Week Contest!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective. I was given the calendar for free as well as monetary compensation, but I chose to apply for my son and because we’re sport’s freaks. I was supposed to get the calendar earlier in November so you may notice a few sponsored posts close together. I’m sorry about that y’all.

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