Our 9 Year Wedding Anniversary: There’s No Faux About It

Scott’s and my 9 year wedding anniversary fell on Thanksgiving this year so we put off celebrating it because while turkey is adorable, it is not romantic. And we know romance.

We still put our foreheads together to remember each other.
First Dance
Our first dance as husband and wife.
Team Awkward photo
Last Christmas

Before I met Scott, I was the girlfriend who didn’t like her significant other to have friends. Gross, right? I had friends although I was a pretty crappy when I was dating. Friends were for when the boyfriend was in class. All those relationships did not end well for me or the person I dated and after a long look at the many mistake I made, I decided with God’s and some friend’s help, I would be different.

Along came Scott. I did so many things to have our relationship different and in many ways the opposite of how I had treated people in my past. One important point was we kept our friends. In fact, the first year we dated, my Christmas gift to him was a plane ticket to see his college friends. Without me.

Of course, the years have gone on and with children and jobs and life, any time with friends has to be planned and negotiated and after work and after bedtime and on the weekend but not the weekend of the dance recital. I’m a better planner than Scott so I was seeing my friends so much more often than he was. After pointing this out (a few times), we rectified our lopsided calendar, but I wanted Scott to see that his friends are as important as they were all those years ago so for OUR anniversary I bought him a plane ticket to attend his friend’s birthday party in NYC. Without me.

Scott bought me a hilarious and awesome faux rabbit vest.

Me in faux rabbit
A faux rabbit HOODIE vest no less.

Hilarious because when I was trying to get my crazy less crazy I decided that a full-length rabbit fur coat from the local thrift store would really jazz up my style. While I kept getting happier and less crazy, the coat turned out to be a magnet for men, who had were 30 years older than me and had just left rehab, to ask me out. You win some, you lose some, on this journey of life.

While the vest Scott bought me is much more stylish and I’ve since developed a look that scares anyone from asking me out anymore, which is the best part of being a little older, a lot wiser and much less crazy, I felt like the vest needed more faux so I designed faux pins on Zazzle in black and brown.

While there’s nothing faux about 9 happy years, I’d like to keep my cats from worrying that they’re next.
I love you, Scott. Thanks for the best times of life.

Alex Iwashyna

Alex Iwashyna went from a B.A. in philosophy to an M.D. to a SAHM, poet and writer by 30. She spends most of her writing time on, a humor blog (except when it's serious) about her husband fighting zombies, awkward attempts at friendship, and dancing like everyone is watching. She also has a soft spot for culture, politics, and rude Southern people who offend her Yankee sensibilities. She parents 2 elementary-aged children, 1 foster baby, 3 cats, and 1 puppy, who are all Southern but not rude. Yet.

13 thoughts to “Our 9 Year Wedding Anniversary: There’s No Faux About It”

  1. Oh you poor sweet thing. You poor sweet thing: you accidentally bought a hooker coat. Oh, like the kinds I’d see the women in line at the Ponderosa Steak House where I worked in High School. Every one of them would start every night off with a HUGE sirloin steak and the man in charge paid. It was quite the sight… an unforgettable one.

  2. Happy anniversary! Here’s to many, many more.

    On a random side note, this made me laugh out loud:
    when I was trying to get my crazy less crazy

    because I have SO been there…and probably still am, to tell the truth.

    Congrats again!

  3. First of all, I love your couch (I’m currently couch shopping, so…) and second…. I LOVE THE FAUX RABBIT VEST! I have a matching hat that would go rather well with it… In fact, I think I was wearing that hat the night I met my husband in college…

    And this is how I begin to wonder if we are some type of family/friends in a parallel universe.

  4. Happy anniversary. I don’t know why, but I found the comment you made about turkeys not being sexy hilarious. Turkeys are not attractive alive or dead. Good call!

    That faux rabbit vest makes you look really cool. I’m jealous. I keeping hoping someday I won’t look so much like a mom.

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