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My 3-Year-Old Daughter Designs A Skirt

I joke about getting my fashion cues from my daughter¬†although, truth-be-told, I’ve always been stylish between days like these.

alex fashion
This is from a few years ago so N probably has gotten much fashion nurture.

However, it’s one thing for my 3-year-old to have a sense for cute sunglasses, tutus and to steal my fascinator.

My Girl in Bow
It’s really a headband that I bought at local pharmacy/diner because true style isn’t about money.

It’s another thing to designing clothing, which I could never do. This weekend, I became convinced she would be will be the next Versace. Or Alexander McQueen minus the suicide (please).

As we are decorating the Christmas tree, she steals the tree skirt and the next thing I know, using the velcro tabs who knows what else,¬†she’s sashaying around the living room in her newly designed, layered skirt.

(The lighting plus my photography skills meant I had to run some of the photos through filters to not have the bright red skirt be a giant blur rather than an amazing idea by a 3-year-old who is already cooler than me. I still don’t do it justice at all. At least you know I clearly don’t stage any of my blog. {sigh})

Christmas skirt skirt1
Too many filters but you can see it’s a quilted Christmas tree skirt
Less filters but my son is two seconds away from mooning you. However, her knack for layers isn’t lost.
Christmas skirt skirt3
No filter but you can see why I tried to filter — I wanted to show off the hint of a train.
Christmas skirt skirt4
Even with filters, I could not get the texture of the skirt to show up and I finally blocked out Scott with a gray square so she could have a decent picture of her first fashion masterpiece.

I’m pretty sure she’s designing her holiday collection, but she’s probably going to fire me as her photographer.

My daughter amazes me daily with her creativity and joy, and I can only hope to keep up with her. Of course, when she starts stealing my shoes or uses the fabric of my couch to make a shirt, I’m going to look back on this post and think: Man, am I a moron for encouraging that.

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12 thoughts to “My 3-Year-Old Daughter Designs A Skirt”

  1. I adore her skirt, SO FESTIVE and her sense of style is unquestionable.

    she reminds me of Jacob and his amazing talent for costumes, dressing up and LOOKING GOOD.

    it’s so interesting and humbling to see isn’t it?


  2. The girl shows off her skills. Really. I think it’ll be shoes by the time she’s in kindergarten.

    It’s a Fascinator not a Fastener. I think it’s kinda scary that I know and you didn’t. You think?

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