Cat glaring at dog

Can Cats And Dogs Be Friends?

When Lars flew home to us, he joined not only a human family but a cat family.

We have four cats although our indoor/outdoor cat are over a decade old, and while they love their humans, the dog is invisible to those two. But I have high hopes for our indoor cats. Huckle seems especially intrigued by him. I don’t know if it’s because they look so much alike.

Huckle and Lars
I should totally host a dog and cat lookalike contest.

Huckle stays within two feet of Lars pretty much since he joined the family. I interpreted this as ON THE ROAD TO BESTIES.

Cat and Dog hanging out
We’re just hanging out. Two pets loving this rug.

But I think it’s more like: I’VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU, FRENEMY.

Cat glaring at dog
I don’t think those eyes in the window are glowing with love.
Lars turns around
What? Who’s there?

And these videos seal the deal.

Huckle gives a smack-down blow-off lesson (video)
(by the way, voiceovers are way harder than they sound)

Lars gets revenge by chewing a faux Huckle(video)

Update: My Cat And Puppy Playing Or When Frenemies Become Friends

Alex Iwashyna

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11 thoughts to “Can Cats And Dogs Be Friends?”

  1. I’m in love with Lars! More videos. I miss puppy barks. They’re like baby jabber. Loo… And sweet little puppy paws… Ah, puppies…

  2. I’ve always thought that having a good cat around to give a puppy the proper smack down so they learn kitty respect is essential for a good relationship to form. Now, my 10 year old dog still tries to play with the cats when she needs a little more fun in her life, but they also curl up together like they sisters they are.

  3. I have two dogs and two cats. One dog is super hyper and the cats put her in her place. The other is pretty mellow and one of the cats loves to come over to her and lowers his head hoping to get licked or snuggled. The dog obliges sometimes. It’s pretty cute. My husband hadn’t noticed this relationship between them until recently. The same cat also likes to go hang out in the dogs’ kennels. We’ve mistakenly locked him up before, closin the kennel in the dark only to hear pitiful, “I’m stuck” cries from the cat.

  4. So cute! I was wondering what the cats would think. Frenemies! You are too funny. The picture of the cat looking in at Lars from the outside is the best.

    1. When I got that picture, I was so psyched. I feel like it’s a scene you never capture with your camera and you try to explain to people while laughing hysterically and no one believes you or laughs and you just keep laughing harder. BUT I GOT IT ON FILM! (well digital but whatever)

  5. I lurve puppy pics! Our cats got along great until we got the SamDog. Now they despise each other. Tiger’s cool with the dog, but Buffy stays out of everyone’s way.

  6. Puppies. Awesome. They are the cuddliest things ever. One of my favorite things to see is a puppy running, in all its discombobulatedness. We need puppy running videos next. 😉

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