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We May Disagree 364 Days A Year, But For One Day We Are All Voters

by Alex Iwashyna

in Progressive Politics

Anyone who reads Late Enough for more than a month knows who I’m voting for on Tuesday, November 6th, 2012, but I have a secret. I think politics is a lot like parenting.

No one thinks: I’m going to vote for the person who will totally screw over my country because this place sucks, and I’m just sick of living in a great city and this is just the representative to ruin it for all of us.

We chose our representatives on every level based on our knowledge and life experiences and belief systems. We vote with courage and hope and determination because we want was is best for our school, town, city, state and county. I truly believe the most important piece is VOTING. First, we practice the right to vote and attacking others for whom they chose to vote for should be a close third since I’d like to think that supporting who we vote for is second although it depends a little on the day and my mood.

So here is a nonpartisan site, Can I Vote, which lists voting eligibility, polling site, what will be on the ballot, and ID requirements. I used it to find local politicians’ websites to make my final voting decisions for our school board and city council. Being an informed voter does making voting a little more about our intelligence and a little less about, Hey, his name is the same as my favorite uncle, when it come to local politics.

Also, every year, I vote with my kids because I want them to appreciate how important our voice is to our country and our government. I give them a little lesson in civics and patriotism and STICKERS!

Yes, I vote every year, not just presidential years, because our local, state and national representative influence much of our lives so I want a say (that’s also probably why I have a blog), but I do like the presidential election years the best as my pictures from 2008 can attest.

Me with 08 hope

Let’s do this Election Night thing.

VA goes blue in 08

in 2008, Virginia turns blue for the first time in a presidential election since 1964, and 4 years later no one blinks an eye that it’s a swing state. Amazing and we really felt a part of that change.

Election night 2008

Exhausted from staying up half the night but proud to have been part of history in 2008.

I plan to again stay up way too late with 3 computers, 2 phones and the television blasting because I love living in a country where my vote counts. Look, if we can make Virginia a swing state anything can happen anywhere. I don’t want to miss it.

However, for all the emails, ads and calls we have had to endure, particularly us swing staters, I think we should have the day off. Couldn’t the 5 billion dollars spent on the 2012 presidential campaigns cover our economy for the day? I’d probably be a one-issue voter if someone would run on getting Election Day off or run on getting rid of Daylight Savings Time. I’d be willing to trade in Columbus Day for Election Day, too. Constitutional amendment anyone?

To those who cannot vote because they have been disenfranchised through our justice system or our voter ID system, I am sorry. Our country would be better off if you could vote today, and until justice is truly blind and voter fraud is actually a problem, I will continue to think and pray and vote with you mind on Election Days.

Disclaimer: There’s an ad at the top that helps support Late Enough but has nothing to do with the post just as I like it. Feel free to advertise in this way here.

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Kate November 5, 2012 1

I’m hoping someday I live in a swing state. Without moving.
Kate recently posted..I’m not even supposed to be here today…


Alex Iwashyna November 5, 2012 2

With the changes in demographics, I think you will soon. This piece on NPR was particularly interesting:

PS. In 2006, if you had said in 2 years we would vote Democrat and in 6 years we’d be a swing state, I would’ve laughed until I cried.


Lily from It's A Dome Life November 6, 2012 3

In an ideal world I think it would be cool if we all lived in swing states.


Alex Iwashyna November 6, 2012 4

Good point


Becca November 5, 2012 5

Loving your Obama shirt! Seriously though, after all the ugliness and hate-filled drivel I am just doggone glad that after tomorrow it should all be done. Hoping to all the Gods that we don’t end up with a Florida-type situation…Sigh…


Jackie November 6, 2012 6

I’ll be voting!! I will be happy when it’s all over though just to stop all the political phone calls, mail, and TV ads.


Naked Girl in a Dress November 6, 2012 7

This is a great post, Alex. We will be doing the same thing tonight. I will have FB and Twitter open, while I watch MSNBC all night. The kids will be voting with me as well. I live in MD so no presidential candidate tries to court us, but I get to watch and listen to the campaign ads for VA. I really hope you can go blue again this year.
Naked Girl in a Dress recently posted..A Compelling (?) Argument to Elect Romney


Melonie November 6, 2012 8

Amen, sister! And I’m glad my husband and I aren’t the only ones who stay up the night before researching our local candidates and judges. And I know my daughter’s learning the value of it as well, because she asked what we were doing and when we said we were researching city council candidates, she said, “Oh. That’s cool.”
Democracy FTW!


Skye November 6, 2012 9

Thank you for this thoughtful post. Hooray for voting! It’s my birthday and it took me about an hour to vote in the morning rush today. I totally deserve the rest of the day off to nap, but I had to come to work. I agree with you that this should be a holiday over Columbus Day!
Skye recently posted..earthshaking


Megan (Best of Fates) November 6, 2012 10

I admit, today it is amazing to live in a swing state. It actually makes up for how much I hate it every single other day when I can’t watch tv because of the ads which drive me so crazy I could lose my mind.


julie gardner November 6, 2012 11

This post right here is why I have so damn much respect for you.

Thanks, Alex. You make believe that I’m not crazy to have faith in people.


Kimberly November 6, 2012 12

We have American satellite and that’s all we are bombarded with.
Just so you know, Canada wants Obama back in. Just sayin
Kimberly recently posted..Day 2


Ally Bean November 6, 2012 13

You make such a good point that today is the day on which we can all agree that we need to vote. Maybe that’s why everyone I see today is in such a pleasant mood. Or maybe it’s because here in Ohio we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. To wit, I’ve already started chugging sweet tea so that I can stay up half the night and see how this election plays out. It’s been a doozy.


Lily from It's A Dome Life November 6, 2012 14

It makes me happy to know I won’t be the only one staying up half the night. I think election day should be a National Holiday too!


Julia November 7, 2012 15

I was up way too late last night with you…and am so proud to live in VA this year. I was so happy in 2008, and am equally proud this year. Now if everyone on Facebook would stop being so contentious, this would be a great day. And also if we could get some sleep.


Lady Jennie November 8, 2012 16

Love that picture of you. So happy all is well with the world (I didn’t stay up for it, so found out the next morning).
Lady Jennie recently posted..Dining in Tranquility


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