Kids Making Cookies

Thanksgiving Dinner: Even The Turkey Survived. Kinda.

Hosting Thanksgiving dinner went well mostly because y’all talked me down.

The day before turkey day, Scott and the kids made cookies. Scott got red, green and blue icing, and the kids bought a baby bottle and a sun cookie cutter. YAY! Who isn’t thankful for well-fed babies and sunshine and rainbows? I kept saying to myself over and over.

Kids Making Cookies
I would like to think this is the moment E realizes Scott didn’t buy Thanksgiving colors to decorate the sugar cookies, but I imagine only I looked like that when I noticed.

Cookie making

I did give up on the turkey butter mostly because a freader suggested I save my whining for the Jesus butter at Christmas. Of course, my friend texted me a future backup plan (that’s very Looper — actually I have to idea since I haven’t seen the movie):

Butter Turkey Jesus
My friends are so much cleverer than me.

Plus, my husband is too busy frying a turkey and not blowing himself up or dropping it in our front yard. (video proof)

Oh and I did end up making my own cheese tray, but it included bacon gouda so WORTH IT although most people waited for dinner, which was a good call because my sweet potatoes tasted like candy. And that is the highest compliment I can give a food.

For my American readers, I hope your Thanksgiving was just as good, and to everyone, I will be back to posting on the regular next week.

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