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How To Lose A Friend On Facebook In One Easy Comment

by Alex Iwashyna

in Awkward, Social Life


I laughed for 20 minutes straight so it was probably worth it.

PS. Okay, she didn’t unfriend me, but for about 2 minutes I thought she did.

PPS. I just learned that this may only be funny to me since she didn’t understand why I would want to post this to my blog because once I realized we were still friends I asked if it was okay to do this funny post and she questioned my use of “funny.”

PPPS. I explained why it was funny by saying “the social awkwardness was a perfect circle” but when I have to explain why something is funny, it is already less funny.

PPPPS. I wonder if I’m about to be unfriended now that I wrote that “PPS.” Of course, then it would be a double circle of social awkwardness making it less funny and more awkward, which is where I’m most comfortable really.

PPPPPS. I don’t think she reads my blog.

PPPPPPS. She totally reads my blog.

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Ally Bean November 8, 2012 1

Well, I think it’s funny. The comment and the explanation and the analysis of the explanation of the comment. Perfectly entertaining. And not at all ugly.
Ally Bean recently posted..A Question. An Answer. An Insight.


Alex Iwashyna November 8, 2012 2

Exactly. I couldn’t care less why people unfriend on FB. I just think my response was funny, and I’m happy at least one other person can appreciate it.


Kristin @ What She Said November 8, 2012 3

I’m not unfriending anyone because I figure that makes me look like a petty, immature person who can’t handle the fact that others doesn’t share my political views and ideologies.

But I have started hiding people. Because when you write this:

“Dad is on a roll. ‘Well one good thing about the election. (sarcasm) That girl from Georgetown can get her birth control now. I feel like her pimp, buying her BC so she can have fun! Why doesn’t she ask her partners to buy it? If she has the nerve to stand up in front of congress and ask them for it, surely she’s not embarrassed to ask her partners??’ Ohhh Ralphie!!! Lol”

or this:

“Ok heard this and laughed out loud. Early returns expected to show Obama leading since Mitt has to wait for his voters to get off of work.”

or this:

“Good job America and Virginia, you’ve screwed us all for another 4 years. Time to move.”

Then I basically have to squelch a deep desire to tell you exactly how ignorant, tacky, and all-around ridiculous I think you are, and so I figure I should probably just remove the temptation to do so. Because I think fighting on Facebook is dumb.
Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..November 8th


Kristin @ What She Said November 8, 2012 4

Others *don’t* share my views. I is knowing the usage of good grammar.
Kristin @ What She Said recently posted..November 8th


Sarah November 8, 2012 5

I had to unfriend someone who took their angst of the election results to my wall. I asked them nicely to stop, twice, they didn’t and then dared me to unfriend them. So I took them up on that.
Sarah recently posted..Why My Vote for the Presidency is Going For…


KLZ November 8, 2012 6

It’s funny because I AM ugly
KLZ recently posted..Things I Still Do Not Understand About Parenting


Donna November 8, 2012 7



Chara November 8, 2012 8

Totally funny. And even made better by the fact you didn’t know if you were unfriended. Hah!


Kimberly November 8, 2012 9

That’s hilarious. I love poking fun of people who perform social cleanses. I’m sure that I’ve been unfriended for that. It’s the ultimate bitch slap in facebook.
Kimberly recently posted..Day 3: Life Outside The Walls


Melonie November 8, 2012 10

I’m having a pretty crappy day so far, but this post made me laugh out loud. Maybe I just appreciate awkward social humor, but it added a little bright spot to a frustrating morning. So thank you door that.


Melonie November 8, 2012 11

Ugh. FOR that. Stupid auto correct.
Melonie recently posted..Just When I Think Humanity Has Sunk Its Lowest


Lily from It's A Dome Life November 8, 2012 12

This is very funny. I’ve been in this awkward moment a few times myself. It’s even more awkward when you are laughing at your own joke so hard tears are streaming down your face and the other person doesn’t even get why it is funny. Yep. Good times!


Lady Jennie November 8, 2012 13

But I think it’s sooo funny. Clearly people don’t get you outside of your blog. ;-)
Lady Jennie recently posted..Dining in Tranquility


Megan (Best of Fates) November 8, 2012 14

You are hilarious. And now I kind of want to go on Facebook and write awkward comments.


Tara November 8, 2012 15

I love it! Lots of unfriending going on FB due to the election. I got unfriended by a friend who got mad at the result… I had to look back on my wall to see what I had said that could have gotten her so hot and bothered.


Jeb Hoge November 8, 2012 16

I like posting awkward comments on FB too but had to lay off not because people were getting offended, but because my dad either would make REALLY awkward comments or just wouldn’t get the joke and then would say so. And that’s the most awkward thing of all.


Kerstin November 8, 2012 17

Too funny!
PPPPPPPS. I think double social awkwardness circles are the next big thing.
Kerstin recently posted..Growing up


Lance November 8, 2012 18

hahahaha…and ugly, hilarious

I didn’t lose friends on the twitter, my blog, or the book of face during the election. At first I was ticked because I’m liberal and so many friends and family members are righties. Then, I felt good about it because it means either a) they still like me despite them being wrong about their politics or b) they’re lazy.


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