My kids draw on my car

How Do I Unteach My Children Their Love Of Art?

My kids draw on my car
Um, yes, that is my car door.

PS. At least my son drew a sweet picture of him and his sister on my mini-minivan and not the anatomically correct version of himself he often favored in his preschool years.

PPS. Washable markers do not easily wash off cars. It’s as though Crayola marker scientists are mocking my parenting skills. Don’t worry about how it does on car paint because what moron lets their kids have markers near an all white car? Haha, good one.


Alex Iwashyna

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16 thoughts to “How Do I Unteach My Children Their Love Of Art?”

  1. Toothpaste (not the gel kind) and baby wipes work wonders to clean marker off of anything! I haven’t been so lucky as to have my kids draw on my car, but they certainly have drawn on everything else! I worked for hours painting stenciled polka dots in my girls’ bedroom, only to have a little draw all over them with a sharpie. Permanent. Marker. Not a happy mommy.

  2. Miss D. CARVED her initials into the fireplace mantle. She tried to blame it on her sister. I told her that she didn’t really think that through, did she, because her sister’s name does not start with a “D.”

      1. P.S. Looks like Crayola’s “Beginnings Washable Tub Paints” has 9 different stain removal tips – you should obviously NEVER BUY THAT STUFF.

  3. A few years back, my now 9-year-old daughter wrote her name with a small stone on back fender of our car. Blends in real nicely with the other dents and scratches…

  4. Try a Mr. Clean magic eraser if the toothpaste doesn’t work. It gets sharpie out of the kids’ plastic table, which is kind of amazing in my opinion. However, it does not get ball point pen out of a friend’s leather sofa. Eep. So you might be stuck with this drawing… I feel your pain. I would have freaked, I think. :/

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