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We Went To New York City And My Son’s Reaction Was OMG

My family and I just got back from visiting New York. We spent a day in Manhattan and Brooklyn, respectively, slept in Jersey City, and most importantly, we took the kids (and Scott) to their very first New York Giants home game. I’ll blog about our trip over this month (spaced out, I promise) because it was fantastic and fun, at times, hilarious, but not so much that Late Enough become of travel blog of blurry pictures.

Our first day, we went for the heart of Manhattan and the heart of our children and took the subway into the city to begin with the most important store in the world: FAO Schwarz.

Kids on the NYC Subway for the first time. All of us on the PATH for the first time.

My kids start announcing: WE ARE UNDERGROUND. HEY, YOU DID YOU KNOW WE ARE UNDERGROUND? UNDERGROUND IS COOL. I swear at least two New Yorkers looked up and one smiled.


When we got off at 59th and 5 Avenue, my son raced up stairs, and as his eyes travelled up the skyscrapers of midtown he gasps, OH MY GOD, and his jaw dropped. The best reaction to New York City I could’ve ever predicted.


We were a little early so I took my fashionable daughter on a walk down 5th Avenue to critique the fashion capital of the United States. She was surprisingly easy on everyone’s store window. Probably because she dresses like that in Virginia so was all MEH.

Fashionable 5th Ave
My daughter critiquing Bergdorf Goodman with I like her hat. And becoming the talk of 5th Avenue. OF COURSE.

We head over to FAO just in time for the doors to open and, much to our surprise, the staff lined up and clapped for us (and everyone else) when we entered. I know what I would do if I lived in NYC and was having a bad day around 10 a.m.. The FAO staff would start giving out knowing my PMS cycles in matter of months.

We found the giant Lego statue of liberty that my kids refused to stand next to for a photo and the Big piano, which I remember playing when I was a kid.



We settled in the comic book section for a long time making my nerd heart happy.

Reading break
Captain America
Captain Scott America Iwashyna
I’m more of a muppet. It’s probably why I vote democrat.
Bono Princess
N tried to convince us she needed Bono glasses and a small family of penguins. She now owns the penguins.

Next, we headed to Central Park for lunch. The kids thought NYC hot dogs were too salty. I thought they banned salt in the city. Dude, who is watching out for my kids? Well, I was since I would never leave them alone in Central Park, but STILL.

Central Park rocks
I was laid back and supportive while also suggesting that the ground was SO MUCH FUN.

My kids didn’t even like NYC pretzels. Richmond has ruined their taste buds. I didn’t even try for pizza and bagels. I would’ve cried when they were grossed out.

Waiting for the subway
Goodbye, 5th Avenue.

We finally headed back to the hotel after what seemed like an entire day — maybe even 2 days — but what was really about 4-5 hours in Manhattan with 2 kids. Holy crap.

PS. I have a little side story about Hello Kitty conning my children between leaving Central Park and getting to our hotel, but this post is long so I’ll save it for the NYC bloopers post coming up some time next week.

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16 thoughts to “We Went To New York City And My Son’s Reaction Was OMG”

  1. Two notes: 1) Scott totally stole my secret identity. I do believe I rocked that Captain America mask first. (But it’s ok. His hairdo is so cool that I’m cool if we share. And 2) NERD ALERT NERD ALERT! I do believe that your lovely daughter is playing on the very same rock where, most recently, The Eleventh Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams filmed their very last episode together. She is now, officially, the coolest kid I know. X0)

    1. You totally did it first. Although in Scott’s defense, he doesn’t even read my blog much anymore so I’m not sure that he was copying you. If I had done it, I would’ve TOTALLY ben copying you though.

  2. I’ve only been to NYC once and my reaction was identical to your son’s comment. Smart kid.

    What fun photos and commentary. Can’t wait to learn more about your adventures.

  3. That was so darn exciting and I loved your trip so far. How much fun you had shows i the pictures and in your writing.

  4. Awesome!
    I want to go to FAO Schwarz! Why did I not go there when I was in NYC???
    Probably because I did not have kids yet when I went… so I guess I missed all the important stuff 🙂
    It’s great that you had a good time!

  5. I have never been to New York. Nope.
    I’ve lived in an iggloo in Canada since the day I was born.
    I would have liked to travel underground. Do trolls live there?

  6. this post sort of made me sad because we were supposed to be in Chicago RIGHT NOW with Eddie, but we are too sick and tired to go. I can’t wait for his first city experience. Also? I can’t wait to take Cort to NYC and watch him play too. 🙂

  7. Love this! We left NY when my oldest was 9 months but we go every time we’re in the States. That pic of you and your daughter in front of (Bergdorf, was it?) was awesome! You both fit right in!

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