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We Went To Kings Dominion Howl-O-Fest Because Blogging For My Kids Rules {A Review}

When the opportunity came to bring my kids to Kings Dominion to check out their family-friendly Halloween event, Howl-O-Fest, and let my kids go on their favorite rides, I said: HECK YEAH. Well, at first I responded: Um, my kids are too little for your terrifying Halloween Haunt.

Kings Dominion
There’s a terrifying skull behind me, isn’t there?

Because I think of King’s Dominion in October as the teen and adult fright-fest, but I was reassured that this was family-oriented Halloween fun.

Well, they weren’t lying, Howl-O-Fest is definitely for families and younger kids will love it. We picked up our treasure map marked all the special Halloween Pirate adventures (and where I overheard adults complaining about how only “12 and under get to have all the fun” — um, maybe they didn’t see the roller coasters?)

King's Dominion Howlofest Map
Aye, this is just for the little people, matey. The guy behind you needs to get a life.

We went through a “maze,” which was best for the littlest since there weren’t any twists or turns, but at the end, there was a treasure so my oldest was still happy.

Maze Howlofest
A corn tunnel with an awesome treasure is still awesome in my book.

Next, my son jumped around in the foam pit (beentheredonethat hint: the foam pit is wet so bring a change of pants or pick a warm day) and was given another pirate treasure. We paused Halloween for a moment because we HAD to stop for ride on the Flying Ace. It’s not a part of Howl-O-Fest, but it’s always on my son’s agenda.


Back at the Howl-O-Fest, we went to my favorite station, the pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin Patch HowlOFest

We also met Lucy of Charlie Brown fame, rode the Boo Blaster and had a great Saturday afternoon. And when everyone piled into the car, there was a chorus of: Thanks, Mama. 

Blogging is pretty cool in moments like those even if I didn’t get a chance to ride a roller coaster this year.

If you live in the area, Howl-O-Fest 2012 is still going on at Kings Dominion (16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047) on Saturdays and Sundays in October from 12-5 p.m.. The cost is free with park admission and tickets are at a discount right now.

Disclaimer: I was given free park admission to Kings Dominion for my family. I was not told what to write. Honestly, I’ve made and still make many mistakes on the Internet and social media, but I’ve managed to find clarity on one issue around Late Enough and selling out: if I can use my blog to bring my kids joy, I do it. I hope my freaders get something out of these posts, too. I plan to contain them to weekends and holidays as best I can and I don’t imagine they will happen often, but my kids are too awesome to not blog for.

Alex Iwashyna

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4 thoughts to “We Went To Kings Dominion Howl-O-Fest Because Blogging For My Kids Rules {A Review}”

  1. This is awesome! Little secret…I have NEVER been to KD. AND I love roller coasters! This would be a great thing to do when Lucy is a tad older. Next year maybe? A friend went to the one at Busch Gardens and it was NOT family friendly at all. Even before 6 pm. :o(

  2. Absolutely take advantage of these opportunities for your kids! (And I kind of like reading about them and seeing if stuff like this is appropriate for my kids or not.)

  3. I would have sold out for pirate treasure.

    I think I went to Kings Dominion when I was 3 or 4 years old. I have this one, vague memory of looking up and waving to the rollercoaster that one of my parents was on (I can’t even remember which parent). It would be fun to go again one day.

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